Creating a Peace Bell

Over the last few weeks, a group of 20 souls from Tamera and our neighborhood have been gathering with Heather Cowen and Gabriella Kapfer from Resounding Earth  to create a big tubular bell – singing for inner and outer peace in Tamera, the Alentejo and the Earth. It has been erected and sounded for the first time on the 19. of March on Tameras “Gong-Mountain”.

Laura Czajkowski, March 21 2024

Tamera welcomes a new sound-being at this Spring Equinox. Tuesday at sunset we gathered on the “Gong Mountain” to hear its sound for the first time. For years, a vision has been nurtured to create a big instrument focused on the intention of inner and outer peace that would reverberate into the land, in order to remember the inherent peace within us.

As a group, we prepared ourselves by listening to the land, as she whispered and showed us the place where the completed peace bell would be hung. We were attuning ourselves with the qualities needed to guide us in the forging of the 2.44-meter-long tubular bell, the intention, this bell shall embody: Inner and outer peace.

We started with a workshop where we each could learn what it means to forge a (smaller) tubular bell, learning to put our intentions into metal by fabricating a sound that will outlast us for decades or longer. It is an ancient and potent process of inviting spirit into matter. We feel abundant gratitude to Heather Gabriella who gifted us with so much knowledge and inspiration.

The whole community was invited to accompany the big brass tube into the fire, singing and praying while the fire liberated old energies from the metal, made it soft and receptive. After cooling down and cleaning the pipe we formed teams, tuned into the intention of inner and outer peace so that we could rhythmically wield the large three-kilo hammers. We hammered for days, becoming unified with strength, listening to the land and spirit for guidance, forging and working within and for a coherent field of peace. Finally, we invited the whole community of Tamera again, all the children plus many friends from the neighborhood to uplift us with their songs and add their prayers via hammer strokes into the peace bell.

Next we bestowed the peace bell with its last releasing fire. A sacred moment of offering what we have co-created to the heat and alchemy of the fire, transforming the metal. A powerful moment of letting go of tensions (in the metall) and expectations (within us) and welcoming a new instrument of sound into the world.

As we ring the peace bell, we are humbled and filled with gratitude for this sacred work of forging and being forged at the same time ourselves in our hearts.Grateful vor the frequencies the bell carries, its strong deep tone and all the overtones, calming, clarifying, aligning. May this sound support the alignment of all beings with the frequency of peace. May peace prevail on Earth.

Please help to fund this big instrument. Every donation helps to cover costs we had during the forging and to create an adequate roof. Please mention “peace bell” in the comment section of the following form. Thank you very much!