Global Grace Day, November 9 2020
We Refuse to Be Enemies

November 9 has become a day of warning and hope for us. It reminds us of two historic dates: The Third Reich’s “Night of Broken Glass” in 1938 and the opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

In 2005, we made a pilgrimage with a group of Israelis and Palestinians through Israel and the West Bank, under the title “We Refuse to Be Enemies.” Ever since, we have celebrated this day in many places, at the Wall in Israel-Palestine, in Berlin at the Holocaust Memorial, in the peace community San Jose de Apartadó in Colombia and here in Tamera.

Until today, we have not been able to untie the fascist knot. Even today, many of us obey orders that we do not believe are meaningful. We all more or less participate in a system that creates war.

We have never been so challenged as we are at present to envision an image of a healed planet. Corona makes us realize that we are all in a global crisis together. Corona asks us as humanity the question: Do you choose to rise or fall? Are you ready to listen to and follow the voice of life and healing? Or do you continue to serve the systems that destroy life?

We take November 9, Global Grace Day, as a reminder to listen to the voice of life. In Tamera, we will go into meditation at sunrise on the theme: “We Refuse to Be Enemies.” We will then spend the day in pilgrimage. We also invite you to come together on this day to ask the question: What enables us to really leave hostile thinking behind?

Take the time and calmness to study Dieter Duhm’s appeal. It is a stirring healing message that our heart needs and that fills us with hope and courage.
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From the heart,
Sabine Lichtenfels