Life’s Healing Powers

The seeds are sprouting as they always did, the trees are growing and the flowers blossom. The sun shines as it did a thousand years ago. How can it be that after five thousand years of patriarchy the birds still sing, the children still play and lovers still feel as if they were in seventh heaven? Something in life seems to have remained intact through all the agony and blind alleys of history. It is something healthy and sacred, perhaps something eternal, that comes from the universe and not from human beings, and yet it has been entrusted to us in the deepest roots of our soul and body. Probably every single human being on Earth knows it subconsciously. We live in the presence of a global massacre of humans, animals and nature, but we clearly also live in the presence of an entirely different intact and sacred world. Healing consists of reconnecting with this other world, which is our most original and our very own world, and bringing it fully into life on Earth. (…)

What is Life?

Human society can perish, but life cannot. We should be clear about the fact that life represents a cosmic dimension that is not bound by any conditions set by humans. Life is not the result of something, rather it is the original process in the universe – it is the foundation of the universe. The entire universe is alive. Life did not come about through a complicated composition of matter. On the contrary, just like the stars, the galaxies and all material objects, these complicated protein molecules have emerged from life. It is not matter that has given birth to life through a long evolutionary process. Rather it is life that has brought forth matter in a (less known) process of evolution. This absolute priority of life before other things is one of the currently emerging insights which are shaking the view of modern science in its foundations. Life is not a material process, but a universal, cosmic and spiritual process – yet one of its peculiarities is that it also repeatedly appears cloaked in matter. This seems to constitute a special thought of creation. The Earth, our home planet, seems to have been chosen to realize this thought.

We have a sense of what dimension is involved when we speak of “life.” It is the dimension in which healing lies. Life forces are healing forces. In life itself, we find the universal process which, just like the sun, keeps on operating beyond all destruction. Life is polarized and full of opposites, but in life itself we find the higher levels of the sacred matrix, in which the opposites have a creative and not a destructive effect. Life itself, with its trillions of beings, contains the entelechy, i.e. the informational blueprint of a perfect world in which all the parts are aligned with each other in a healing way. This entelechy exists as basic universal information in every seed, every egg and every being. It is the sacred matrix. It functions on its own, once it has been correctly triggered. In life, we find all the information that a cell, an organ, an organism, or a community needs. (…)

Experiences with Self-Healing

We have repeatedly studied healing processes in ourselves. The healing forces are always present. Whenever we stop disturbing autonomous life processes, the process of self-healing begins. We can achieve this by tuning into a certain peaceful frequency, for example through prayer or a healing trance. Already this can achieve surprisingly spontaneous healing that one would characterize as “miracle healings” if one did not know what is happening.

We lived for 3 years with a group of 40 people in the Black Forest, and during this time we successfully worked with the method of self-healing through entelechy. We thereby noticed that there are hardly any objective limits for this type of healing. All limits that we encountered were subjective and caused by restlessness, fear, or resistance in the healer or the patient. My partner had an accident in which she almost lost her thumb, which got caught in the door of a Mercedes as it closed. The thumb hung limply like a piece of flesh from her hand. She knew of this kind of healing mechanism and immediately switched over to the “healing frequency.” The result was that the thumb came back to life, and within half an hour it was fully healed. I know how difficult it is to believe such things if one has not experienced them oneself. Some of us have had accidents that we probably would not have survived if our inner voice had not immediately taken control. The healing power of entelechy often makes itself heard through one’s inner voice.

Also in the healing area, there is an “Archimedean fulcrum.” If it were possible to create a situation during which, even just for a moment, a high dose of the healing frequency were to penetrate the entire body, then the body would immediately be healthy. There are reports of such events from Lourdes, the Catholic pilgrimage site, as well as from certain so-called “spiritual healers.” The hologram of a healthy and sacred world can be accessed everywhere. The limitations are only set by the limits of our knowledge and consciousness. It should be possible to correct this mistake, for the mind can be healed. Humankind has spent several millennia imprisoning the mind, suppressing the autonomous processes in life, and thus switching off the natural healing powers. We carry this legacy of history in us, and will therefore need some time to dissolve the limitations that we have placed on ourselves. But we are in the process of developing efficient methods. This task must be accomplished, for there can be no peace without healing.

This is an edited excerpt from the book The Sacred Matrix by Dieter Duhm