Consultation with Tamera

We are happy to offer a new possibility for people who are inspired by the vision of the Healing Biotopes plan and are part of a group who hold, or are intending to start, a community or project together.

We are offering a personalized accompaniment with Tamera’s experts, coming from the wish to strengthen the alliance of peace workers around the world by sharing the collective knowledge we’ve gained through 40 years of community experience. 

This is a possibility to come into direct and continuous contact with wisdom carriers from different fields of Tamera’s research. We believe that the integration of outer perspectives for the delicate process of group/team/project building can be crucial for success and to overcome the challenges that inevitably appear when paving paths for a culture of cooperation and regeneration.

Program Details

We offer 12 video calls of 1.5 hours each which can be distributed over 3 months–1 year in a way that suits you. These meetings will be dedicated to:

  • Exploring the issues and themes you are working with in your group
  • Clarifying and distilling your vision
  • Assisting with your challenges and conflict engagement
  • Sharing the methods and tools we use in Tamera.


We also offer single consultation sessions (1 hour) with community members on a donation basis. To apply for either form of consultation, please click button below.



To apply for consultation, we would like for you to have taken at least one of our on-site or online courses.




Standard Price: €3000

Supported Price (for those who cannot afford the standard price): €2500

Abundance Price (to support people who cannot afford the standard price): €4000


Payment can be made via PayPal, bank transfer or TransferWise.

To apply and to enquire about further scholarships, especially for people from the Global South & Portuguese nationals, please click below:

The following community members are available for consultation in their specific fields of expertise:

A’ida Shibli

Political activism and networking, love & sexuality in the context of a community (Consultation in English only)

Each of these people would be paired for consultation with another member of the community who holds expertise in the relevant area.