Online Course: Introduction to Tamera

Our course offers you an introduction to the vision of Healing Biotopes and its current state of manifestation at Tamera. We will offer you an insight into the foundational ideas and the different areas of our work – from ecology to spirituality, from global peace work to healing sexuality and love. We invite you to get to know this vision and lived reality and engage with it towards humane system change.

Our introduction video gives you an overview of the course:




Sliding Scale from €50–€300

Why are we using a sliding scale?

To enquire about further reductions, especially Portuguese nationals and people from the Global South, please fill out our application form and wait for our reply.

Time Commitment

Please read event description for detailed information.

Program Details

You’ll get to know our vision for a possible new culture of peace that has emerged from our decades-long research. You will explore:

  • What a “Healing Biotope” is
  • How we’re restoring our ecosystem through natural water management
  • How we practice truth and trust in maintaining our community
  • Our approach to love and sexuality as key elements in our peace work
  • What it means to raise free children in a community
  • Our research in cooperation with animals, plants and all visible and invisible beings

This course includes 7 lessons that are composed of videos, short texts and inspiring assignments, as well as an interactive online discussion forum. This course also includes 14 video call recordings with questions and answers from our experts at Tamera. This course will not have live video calls.


We offer all students of our online courses an access to a monthly webinar, allowing contact with Tamera’s community members. This will be dedicated to questions and answers regarding the content of the courses, and as well a space for exchange with other students.
The webinars will take place on:
May 30, Thursday, 17:00-18:30 (Portugal time)
June 27, Thursday, 17:00-18:30 (Portugal time)
July 25, Thursday, 17:00-18:30 (Portugal time)


Time Commitment

For each lesson we recommend 2.5 hours of study time (18 hours in total). This will allow you to go through all the content, write your contributions, interact with other participants and watch the video calls. However, you will be able to decide on the pace of your studying as well as the depth of your participation.