Online Course: Healing Biotopes Plan

Our course on the Healing Biotopes Plan offers you an in-depth introduction to a vision for global system change. While our online course Introduction to Tamera offers you practical information about our community, this course provides you with the theoretical basis of our work and is an ideal foundation for further studies in Tamera.

Join a Vision for Global System Change

The Healing Biotopes project aims to contribute to the healing of humankind and the Earth. To enable a post-capitalist future without war, we need convincing models. It’s in this context that we work on Healing Biotopes: places to research solutions for both the outer global crises and the crises of the inner human world. We believe it’s the inner human processes that determine the success or failure of our peace work.

A Healing Biotope is a community in which all beings – humans, animals and plants – live together in a way that serves their mutual healing and development. We believe that trust is crucial and the basis for healing and development.

Our introduction video gives you an overview of the course:




Sliding Scale from €50–€300

Why are we using a sliding scale?

To enquire about further reductions, especially Portuguese nationals and people from the Global South, please fill out our application form and wait for our reply.

Time Commitment

Please read event description for detailed information.

Program Details

During the course you’ll dive into the findings of our decades-long research, focusing on the following key questions:

  • What are Healing Biotopes?
  • What is the role of community, love and sexuality in building Healing Biotopes?
  • How can Healing Biotopes have an impact on global consciousness?
  • What is your contribution to global healing?

The study material includes texts, images and videos with proposed assignments. This course includes 4 recorded webinars of Q&A with Tamera’s experts. This course will not have live video calls.

The e-book “The Sacred Matrix,” by Dieter Duhm, will be available to download as soon as you register. This book is included in the course fee.


We offer all students of our online courses an access to a monthly webinar, allowing contact with Tamera’s community members. This will be dedicated to questions and answers regarding the content of the courses, and as well a space for exchange with other students.
The webinars will take place on:
May 30, Thursday, 17:00-18:30 (Portugal time)
June 27, Thursday, 17:00-18:30 (Portugal time)
July 25, Thursday, 17:00-18:30 (Portugal time)



Time Commitment

We recommend 6 hours per study unit to take part in the course in an active way, with enough time to write your contributions and to interact with other participants. The minimum amount of time you’ll need to go through the course content without interacting and contributing is 2 to 3 hours for each one of the 4 study units. You can distribute your study time as you want.