“Defend the Sacred” Conference: Tune Into the Livestream!

    Are you interested in our “Defend the Sacred” conference, August 16–19, but can’t make it to Tamera? Tune in via livestream and follow the main events online in real time. We’ll be transmitting all 4 of the conference’s keynote panels, one each day, in which leading activists from around the world will discuss core issues of our time: climate crisis, system change, ecological and social regeneration, Indigenous wisdom, a post-materialistic worldview and more. You can join for free and we’re grateful for donations to help us cover the costs of the event.

    Program Details

    We will video livestream the following keynote panels in English (translation into Portuguese, Spanish and German will be available).

    • Friday, August 16, 4.00–5.30 pm BST: “What is Sacred Activism?” (Opening Session)
      With Ladonna Bravebull Allard (initiator of the Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock), Pat McCabe (Diné elder, healer and peacemaker), Sabine Lichtenfels (Tamera’s co-founder), Sami Awad (Palestinian nonviolent resistance leader) and others.
    • Saturday, August 17, 9.30–10.45 am BST: “Climate Crisis as Initiation?”
      With Tokata Iron Eyes (president of the Standing Rock Youth Council), Marina Nobre (co-founder of Reflorestar Portugal), Alnoor Ladha (executive director of The Rules) & Martin Winiecki (leader of the Institute for Global Peacework).
    • Sunday, August 18, 10.30–11.45 am BST: “Is Global System Change Possible?”
      With Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels, founders of Tamera and Healing Biotopes Plan visionaries.
    • Monday, August 19, 9.30–10.45 am BST: “The Way Forward: Strategies for Transforming our World”
      Speakers to be confirmed.

    The program is subject to change (updates will be posted here).

    For a deeper study, we recommend reading the book “Defend the Sacred: If Life Wins, There Will Be No Losers”, co-authored by the many activists of the Defend the Sacred Alliance, which is available in English, Portuguese and German.


    Each day between Friday, August 16 and Monday, August 19.


    English with translation offered into Portuguese, Spanish and German.


    On donation.


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