Online Course: Raising Free Children

In this online course we will look at a topic which lies at the heart of every human life: childhood development and how it determines the future. We invite parents, caretakers, educators and whoever is interested in creating consciousness around the issue of raising children to participate.

Working with the decades of research and experience that have been gathered in our community, we are excited to share our lived examples and our open questions. We hope to come together in a supportive and inspiring way.

Our trailer gives you a taster of the course:

Registration Deadline

October 13, 2022



Cost (including the Flipbook)

Sliding scale from €190–€390

Why are we using a sliding scale?

The course is designed for individual participation. We ask couples and groups to register separately and we offer them a 25% discount  – please write to us at (at) for a reduction code before booking.

To enquire about further reductions, especially for Portuguese nationals and people from the Global South, please send an email to (at)


Payment can be made via PayPal, bank transfer or Wise.

Time Commitment

Please read the event description for detailed information.

Program Details

We offer 4 units of study:

  • Unit 1: Diving into the cosmic and political dimension of raising children – natural birth, preparation for parenthood and the conditions that allow trust to unfold.
  • Unit 2: Exploring the tension between freedom and giving orientation in parents’ school – how to support creative potential with natural ways of learning for child development.
  • Unit 3: Looking into adolescence – how to protect the open heart during this tender time and tools for engaging with conflict.
  • Unit 4: Discovering together the landscape beyond the nuclear family – why does it need a village to raise a child, and what can we learn from children about love free from fear?

The course will include texts, images and short videos of more than 25 speakers from the Tamera community and elsewhere. We will also offer 4 live webinars of Q&A with Tamera’s experts and provide you with opportunities for self-reflection and interaction amongst the participants and with facilitators from Tamera.

The Flipbook “Tamera: A Model for the Future” by Christa Leila Dregger, will be available as soon as you register. This is included in the course fee.

Time Commitment

In addition to the 4 study units, for which we recommend reserving one hour per day, every week we will hold a 2.5-hour video call (including a break) for Q&A with parents and educators from the Tamera community, and exchange between the participants and the facilitators. The times for these calls are:

  • Wednesday October 19, 17.00–18.30 UTC+1/WEST
  • Wednesday October 26, 17.00–19.30 UTC+1/WEST
  • Wednesday November 2, 17.00–19.30 UTC/WET
  • Wednesday November 9, 17.00–19.30 UTC/WET
  • Wednesday November 16,  17.00–19.30 UTC /WET

The webinars will be recorded and available on the study platform to watch after they have finished.