Do of Beauty

The Do (Japanese for “path”) of Beauty is a union of creative spirits, including craftsmen, artists and landscape architects working on the optical design of the site – the "skyline" of Tamera. The Healing Biotope’s exciting content should be made visible through sculptures, illustrations, artistic objects, shade roofs, the design of gates and entranceways, the lake shores, building walls and roofs.  What are the icons, colors, shapes and characters of an erotic culture? What thoughts have a healing effect? What supports nature’s lust to grow? What helps the people to reconnect with their own source? These are the questions the group is working with; it is a “do,” a path, that they are walking, which also means undergoing a spiritual teaching.

The following works are planned for 2014:

-The Ring of Power characters (a sculpture for the Political Ashram)

-The Maria Chapel (a place for contemplation and worship)

-The creation of the "Oracle Garden" (an artistically designed garden, for tempting and connecting with the invisible reality that is always there beyond the visible forms)

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