José Pacheco in Tamera

New Schools are Possible

On June 1st, we celebrated International Children's Day. It was fitting that last week, José Pacheco was our guest in Tamera. He is a visionary, and the founder of free schools. He was invited by the local government to speak with teachers, parents, and politicians, about solutions to address the difficult situation in education.  

His words were radical, and moving: “A child who doesn't want to learn is sick – or the child's school is sick. Today, 21st century students are being taught by 20th century teachers, according to 19th century rules.”

In his view, school holidays, classes, exams, and grades, all belong to an obsolete educational system; as do teachers who have to stand alone in front of a class, faced with a wall of silence.

“In my schools, everyone learns – including the teachers, including the community. There are no walls shutting out the community, and the schools are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

On his second day, he visited Tamera to advise the team from Escola da Esperança – the School of Hope during the certification process. It was a creative exchange, with many ideas for future collaboration. 

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