Global Ecology Institute

The Global Ecology Institute, led by Bernd Walter Müller, was founded in 2013 to put the practical work of Tamera´s ecology department into a global context. The institute works on practical ecological responses to current ecological issues with a particular focus on developing model solutions.

Another key aspect of the institute's work is the integration of insights into the being and the natural movement of water (Victor Schauberger) into the global healing concept of water retention landscapes.

The institute organises seminars, professional training programmes, symposia and conferences for global ecological help, such as the water symposium in Tamera.
(Water Symposium report 2012).
(Water Symposium report 2013)
(Water Symposium report 2016).

On request the institute also provides consultation on building water retention landscapes to cooperation partners and others who are interested around the world. As examples see the attached report of our work in Haiti (Haiti Report) and in Kenya (Kenya Report).

The institute publishes reports and texts on its work and is concerned with the question of how to bring a new cultural impulse, particularly its ecological aspects, into the world. In service of this it has direct contact with the Global Campus, Tamera's education platform and with its networking department, the IGP. Bernd Müller´s text “The secret of water“ can be downloaded here (in 7 languages).

The Global Ecology Institute is linked to universities and to students who want to use ecological projects in Tamera for their theses.

Team: Bernd Müller, director; Dörthe Goschin, coordinator; Boris Bonjour, assistant; Helena Laughton, secretary; Christoph Ulbig, freelance collaborator

E-Mail: global.ecology(at)


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