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Landscape Healing and Community (PDF

Soil and Water (PDF

Politics of Water (PDF

The New Water Paradigm COP22 (PDF)

Guardian –  Arid land to a fertile Eden: permaculture lessons from Portugal (weblink)

Paulo Mellett – Productive Ecological Sewage Water Treatment Systems (PDF

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GEN - Greece: Community Building in Times of Crisis (weblink / PDF)

GEN - Supporting Skala Eco Village in Greece(weblink / PDF)

GEN - Bluprint Initiative - Being Able to Respond to Crisis (weblink / PDF)


Blueprint 200:

Report: Blueprint meeting March/2016 in Tamera: (weblink / PDF)

Consultation Reports

Haiti Report (PDF)
Kenya Report (PDF)
West Bank – Integrative Watershed Management, GIZ-Report (PDF)


Bolivien 2017

Cochabamba (dt: PDF / es: PDF)
La Paz (de: PDF)

Water Symposium

Water Symposium report 2012 (PDF)
Water Symposium report 2013 (PDF)
Water Symposium report 2016 (PDF)

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University Publications

Prof. Milan Milan

Soil and Water: Towards A Larger-Scale Perspective of their Relations (PDF)

Jakob Kadura

Impact of Rainwater Harvesting (PDF)

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Marakesh 2016 – COP22 Report(PDF)

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