Community of Children

Children need the human embedding of a strong community in which all human life including the family is integrated, to grow up healthily. In this they find home and full trust in the world of the adults.

Children love it when humans communicate in an inspired way: when they start to think beyond themselves. They love communitarian life. It answers their natural wish to live together with adults, other children, plants, dwarves, angels and elves. They are in direct contact with all that lives and with all that they consider to be alive (such as bikes, rubber boots...)

The quality children bring to this Earth is trust in all that surrounds them. Trust is the substance that forms community and keeps it together. This is why our children are an important part of the development of future community. The earlier community again becomes their natural living space, the more freely and trustfully they can grow up and the more they are able to be part of a future in which they take responsibility for life.



The 'Place of the Children' in Tamera offers a protected space for children and youngsters where they can be amongst themselves, play or go into contact with animals, plants or nature-beings in the wooded areas.

Some children and youngsters live at the Place of the Children in smaller groups which continually re-form and develop. This creates an organic way of life in which the youngsters put the smaller children to bed or start the day together with a shared breakfast before they go into their different learning and project directions. Other children live in the community with their parents and other adults in smaller sub-communities and join in the mornings. These different possibilities to live together make it possible for every child to find their right place for any given time.

The vision of the Place of the Children is a community of children and youngsters embedded into the wider community, living their own self-organised lives. Part of this is that the children and youngsters find their own orientation for living together through mutual support and listening to each other.

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