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Youth School of Tamera

In Tamera's youth school young people learn essential knowledge about life, the world situation, and their self – especially things theyґre really interested in. In 2013, they invited people to an international youth camp. They wrote:

"Many of us grew up in community. Here we learn not only to live our lifes for our selves, but to put it in relation to the world situation"

We live in a world, where millions of humans don't have enough water and food, while others have so much, they don't know what to do with it.

And so many teenagers in this world don't know anymore what they should do with their lives!

We research on questions that are relevant for every other human being too, no matter in which circumstances they live. For example: What is true friendship? What do I do if I fall in love with the same person as my best friend?

For all these questions many young and old people of the community are available for us and we also have the privilege, that we can choose our teachers, tutors, and by this also role models that we really trust. And since we are young, and want someone that understands us, we look for a lot of young people.

With this text we want to give you an insight in our lives and let you partake in it."

Revision: School of life, Tamera

Everything began when we went to Israel/Palestine at age ten to twelve. We were part of a political pilgrimage and sometimes walked 24 km a day through the desert. We were accompanied by teachers and parents that fully supported us, and for the very first time of our lives we saw what happened in other parts of the world.

Out of this came the impulse to show it to the world and our life changed completely.

We began to not only look at our selves and suddenly our questions were about the world:

How much are we being manipulated by the public media? How do I act when I know how much suffering our food, or the production of our clothes, caused? What does it mean to build a model for the world, with the knowledge that water, food, and energy, could be freely available for everyone?

The more we looked into the world, the more we realized that this kind of questions are not for granted. We were shocked by the ignorance of many people.

Since we took a lot of strength out of this knowledge, we chose theatre to show the world what we experienced. We tried to portray how we saw the worlds situation through a political theatre piece. With it an intense community process started, and the theatre piece "The Black Shadow and the Riddle of the Princess" was created. We found out that we could only authentically play a role, or speak about a topic, that we knew ourselves to a certain degree, which means that we would not only have to deal with the world around us, but also with the world within us. We can only talk about topics like friendship and trust, if we are able to implement them into our lives, or at least know that we are working on it.

Since we lived in an international project the whole time, we used the theater piece to learn different languages and translated it into english, portuguese, and spanish.

The premiere was in Tamera and other plays were in Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, and Columbia. After that we passed it on to the next generation, the kids that we are now partially teachers of.


Right now we concentrate especially on two areas. On the one hand its about the deepening of Tameras subjects like new, sustainable energy systems, new ways of raising children, a new relation to animals, and truth in love, and on the other hand we decided to attend an internet school called InterHigh (http://www.interhigh.co.uk/) and officially graduate while still being able to be in community. We had three to five hours of school a day, a lot of homework, and revision time.

Future visions

Imagine young adults that are able to live their dreams, and ask all their questions without being judged. Young people that live together embedded in a cross-generational community. People that donґt need to be afraid of not looking good enough, having poorer grades than others or that their friends are having more modern clothes – because they are not being judged.

They are no longer depending on the looks of others because they discover their very own inner essence, and by that get on the track of their own life.

To reach this, we need people that one can fully trust, that have a sympathetic ear for our needs and longings – also for the "hot" issues concerning love and sexuality. For that reason we wish for regular possibilities of exchange with younger, and older people to learn what is meant by "truth and transparency in love". We want places where we can come together with other adolescents to live and learn. We want opportunities to be educated in the things we love the most, and also to occupationally test our selves to find out what suits us the most. Especially in this time, where everything in us changes, we need an "anchor" like for example an education, and responsibilities in several projects.

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