Institute for Global Peace Work


“We must, with all facilities

that have been given to us,

end the global pain.” 

                                                Dieter Duhm


The Institute for Global Peace Work (IGP) is a planetary transmission and receiving station for the realization of a new world, a world without war, fear and violence – Terra Nova.

Humankind's dream of world peace must no longer remain only a dream. It is a realistic undertaking based on new ideas and scientific knowledge about the nature of our "reality." Dieter Duhm summarized these thoughts in his “Political Theory.” From here an unusual but realistic peace plan arises. It is the basis for the IGP’s political work.

For more information: Healing Biotopes Plan

The IGP is working on a variety of ways to develop a network of people who cooperate with each other all over the world in accordance with this plan, who study the new perspectives, distribute the information and provide bases and realistic models.

The IGP was established in Tamera in the year 2000. Today it is comprised of the following departments:

Portugal Office

Terra Nova School

Grace Media

Terra Nova School

The IGP is working closely with Verlag Meiga (based in Germany) and the GRACE Foundation (based in Switzerland).

So that the plethora of the tasks can be tackled, the IGP needs more staff and workspaces. The construction of a futuristic building for the new IGP is in the planning process. It will consist of a composition of clay buildings and geodesic dome containing workspaces, a workshops, a film studio, meeting room and café. 

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