History of the Global Campus

A living organism

The initial idea to create continuous educational gatherings was born during the Summer University at Tamera in 2006 around a table with guests from all over the world. From this, the Global Campus was founded by Sabine Lichtenfels, Dr. Dieter Duhm, Benjamin von Mendelssohn and Kate Bunney


Since 2006 the Global Campus has had a variety of forms and functions, including a six week gathering in Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal in 2011 with participants from 14 countries and intensive work times supporting the development of the Peace Community San José de Apartadó in a high conflict area in Colombia.

Currently the Global Campus is held, coordinated and facilitated by an international core team: 

Vera Kleinhammes, Tamera - Healing Biotope, Portugal/Germany

Laure Luciani, Tamera - Healing Biotope, Portugal/France

Siri Gunnarson, Beyond Boundaries, School of Lost Borders, Ojai Foundation, Tamera, USA


There is a growing international circle of supporters, including Jane Rasbash of Gaia Education working in sustainable development with indigenous villages ~ eco-villages in the global south, and Gigi Coyle earth steward, wilderness rites of passage guide, council trainer and mentor with Beyond Boundaries, the School of Lost Borders, the Ojai Foundation and Three Creeks.


 “A group of cooperating partners who are able to communicate in full trust have to combine political action, spiritual anchoring and insistent character work. (…) They have to recognize, that a model of life in which interpersonal wars no longer exist, including the hidden ones, will have a changing effect on the whole. If this is done fully at few places on Earth and if this succeeds, it will have a changing and field-building effect for the whole world.” – Sabine Lichtenfels 




Global Campus 2011

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