What is Tamera Healing biotope as a base-station of the Global Campus?

The "Healing Biotope 1 Tamera" in Southern Portugal is an international training and experimental site for the development of peace research villages and healing biotopes worldwide. Tamera’s aim is to develop a model for a nonviolent co-existence of people and between people and nature. Tamera is currently focusing on research in the areas of water, energy, nutrition and social knowledge through the realization of the water landscape, the Solar Village (a self-sufficient energy model), permaculture gardens and community building.



Global Campus in Portugal 2013


Tamera will focus on the local and national network. Tamera co-workers will engage in intensive Portuguese language study and will join with local residents to create events to gather the regional network of change makers, build cooperation potential and ignite a vision for large-scale landscape regeneration. Together they will continue developing an intelligent strategy to support the creation of a sustainable and autonomous region. The vision is to create a model for a healed and autonomous region that can be applied in many parts of the world.


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Presentation of Tamera by regional TV Diario do Alentejo
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