Portugal Network Office

Tamera finds itself in a country of great hospitality and opennes towards strangers - and with a great potential: Portugal. The economical crisis which hits the country shows mainly that it could not develop this potential in a globalised system and in the EU.

The effects of the saving measurements in the Alentejo are fatal: local markets are being shut down, small producers and farmers are being cut off their existences, neighborhood help and regional subsistence is nearly being criminalized. Cooperatives have to follow so strong restrictions that many have to give up. Young people leave the countryside, villages fall apart - and give space for the mega projects like eucalyptus monocultures, irrigated olive plantations and dams with big nature destruction.

On the other side there is a movement of mainly young people who don´t find jobs in the cities anymore and want to go to make their living at the countryside. This could become a real perspective: If the young citizens come together with the rural population in a good way, if they can learn together how to develop the Alentejo in a sustainable way, cooperating with nature, and how to reactivate the social life in villages, then they can create a model for a post capitalistic society.

Tamera stands in a network with many initiatives which work on that aim.

Tamera offers itself as an training and networking place. The Water retention landscape with the perennial cultivation, the test field for a solar village and the community knowledge of Tamera are knowledge pilars for a possible regional autonomy in water, food, and energy. In our direct environment more communities have already mushroomed in the last years that apply this knowledge in their ways and develop it further.

A team of Tamera stands for the networking in Portugal, organises monthly guided tours, neighborhood parties and open afternoons, and is responsible for publications offering the information in Portugal.

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