Thinking School

The Thinking School is headed by project founder Dr. Dieter Duhm and provides a comprehensive theoretical training for advanced students and staff of Tamera. The study covers the areas of holographic worldview, structures of reality, vision building and a modern view of God, global transformation and healing the Earth.

"The thinking of the future must make wars impossible."

Albert Einstein

At the center of the Thinking School is the global Healing Biotopes Plan. It is about a new concept of global peace work, on which the project of Tamera is based. Healing Biotopes are futurological centers with a few hundred inhabitants in which new forms of cooperation between humans, nature and creation are being implemented. Their excess vitality and ability to survive is anchored in a life principle, which is described as a "universal mode of existence." The Thinking School gives the intellectual, spiritual and theoretical foundations that are necessary for building functioning Healing Biotopes and for its global extension. The "Political Theory" of the Healing Biotopes is connected to this. It explains, using findings of modern science, how and why a few groups in the near future could be able to liberate the Earth from war and usher in a new planetary civilization based on trust and cooperation.

The Thinking School is a kind of "University of Creation;" the participants enter the adventure of consciousness. This includes working on a contemporary image of God. The divine world, which until now was a matter of faith, today becomes a question of knowledge. Reconnecting the new centers with the universal world – the "Sacred Matrix" – is an essential prerequisite for the success of global peace and healing work.

Dieter Duhm says, "All co-workers of the school (...) – the students as well as the teachers – are working at a higher degree of study. Learning takes place in a creative continuum, where are all the signs and impulses – be they dreams or current events, political messages or an unexpected phone call – are included in the training. We pray and God responds through the events that approach us. Prayer research, the study of the connection between prayer and fulfillment, is part of the basic training..."

The Thinking School is connected with the Political Ashram, where the thoughts of the education are deepened through a mental and physical training.

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