Join the Ring of Power

Initiated by our co-founder Sabine Lichtenfels, the “Ring of Power” is a weekly sunrise meditation that connects peaceworkers and sacred activists from around the world in shared intention and prayer. Helping us to ground our peacework in a spiritual source, the Ring of Power is a common ritual we celebrate in Tamera and our global network every Monday morning. This is an invitation to all those who know that political action and spiritual research belong together.

Our Weekly Meditation for Peaceworkers and Sacred Activists

Throughout history, people of many cultures have honored the sacred moment of sunrise in special rituals. Reconnecting with this primordial tradition, Sabine Lichtenfels initiated the “Ring of Power” in 2002. Since then, she has held a sunrise meditation every Monday morning – and invites people from all over the world to do the same at their places. In every moment, the sun is rising somewhere on Earth. The vision of the Ring of Power is that a planetary community will take care of the continuity of prayer with the rising sun around the globe.

In this simple yet profound ritual, we visit special places in nature to greet the sunrise, connect to the energies of universal love and ask for guidance in our work toward global healing. The thoughts and messages we receive in the meditation inform our actions in the new week, serving as inner orientation for our sacred activism.

Since early 2016, we’ve been choosing a shared question every week on which to focus our meditation. And every Monday morning, Sabine receives and records a message from her meditation, offering answers to the respective question. (We change the issues and sometimes also the form of the Ring of Power from time to time. We will always inform the participants.)

Listen to some of the messages she has received:

“What is my role in global healing?”

August 14th 2017

“In the universe exists an archetypal image of a love community"

September 4th 2017

“Can you hear the voice of the Earth?”

September 11th 2017

How You Can Join

You can participate simply by holding a sunrise meditation on Monday morning. You can join wherever you are. Here you can read our shared question for the meditation, published the weekend before and here’s where you’ll find the audio recording of Sabine’s message later each Monday.

By holding the Ring of Power continuously, you can use it to research how prayer functions – effecting the change we want to see in the world by developing your vision and learning to consciously cooperate with the universal powers of life. By joining deeply you will find yourself entering an adventure of consciousness, bearing witness to how thoughts create reality. You will learn to use the meditation as a way to connect to thoughts that generate peace within and around you.