Other Ways to Give

Support us through making an in-kind donation, leaving a legacy or giving a loan.

In-Kind Donations

We are grateful for non-financial donations of various kinds. If you want to support our work by offering your skills, please see our possibilities for specialist support. For material gifts, please contact us directly at info (at) tamera.org. If you are considering gifting property to the Healing Biotopes project, please contact The Grace Foundation at info (at) the-grace-foundation.org.

Leave a Legacy

You can support our work on site and in the world by remembering Tamera in your will. Your legacy will enable us to continue building and sustaining models for a peaceful world. Every gift makes a difference to the next generations to come. Please consult your solicitor about leaving a gift for Tamera and contact The Grace Foundation for more information: info (at) the-grace-foundation.org.

Loan Account

Still have your money sitting in an account, while the banking industry gambles with it for things you don’t believe in? A zero-interest loan is a great way to support Tamera’s work. Our ethical commitment is to pay back loans on demand – we’ve done so reliably for 20 years. We have recently been able to pay back our remaining debt to the banks with the help of private loans from our network.
For over 20 years, Tamera’s Loan Account has supported us to exchange previous loans and so we have a constant flow of funds.
We welcome loans from 500 euros upward. You can decide on the time frame (beyond one year) or it can be open-ended. Please contact Beate Moeller at beate.moeller (at) tamera.org.