Art is Creation’s Celebration

Art is not a question of ability. Art comes from the encounter with true, non-judgmental perception. In this sense, the artist is a true Zen master. The fact that you understand your craft does not yet make you an artist. Your craft is the tool of power that you need to be able walk the path of art.

You participate in the aspect of the universal self that always creates anew.

Art is not a question of ability. It comes from the willingness on the part of the students to keep their inner eye so open that they see and perceive the newness of reality on a daily basis. This is the great and true ability of an artist, and it lies beyond trends and tastes. Art is always a rebirth. Be prepared. The rest occurs all on its own.

Do not worry about your ability, for it comes all on its own as soon as you let go and learn to go along with and be with what you perceive.

Do whatever you do, fully. Do it consciously and clearly, for then you will rise above the fog of naturalism and notice that the world is never what you believe it to be. Use humor to destroy your many old ideas and images of what the world should be, until a childish awe and a joy of doing brings you back to yourself.

Art is creation’s celebration. Art is prayer and reverence. Art is the deepest connection to the state of pure beingness, and it has no further agenda or goal. When you truly become an artist, you will rise to a level of insight that allows you to see and more deeply understand the connections involved in true peace. In this sense, art is always work on oneself. In the end, we become true life artists.

The outcome is a person who has joyfully and calmly integrated the many aspects of existence as a creator. The result is a deep reconciliation with oneself and with the world, and this reconciliation can lead to true change. An artist is no longer a victim, neither of themselves nor of the world. From this connection, you will integrate the real joy of life into the simplest aspects of your everyday life. This joy of life is deeper and quieter than the first phase of jubilation that you experienced in the beginning.

This is an edited excerpt from Sources of Love and Peace by Sabine Lichtenfels