Basic Thoughts of the Project


Terra Nova – Working Toward a New Global Culture

Tamera is working on the foundations of a new, non-violent civilization on Earth. For this global peace work, we have coined the term "Terra Nova": the vision of a new Earth. For several decades we work to manifest this in a tangible reality by bringing it together with a worldwide network. 
More: "What is Terra Nova?"


Healing Biotopes Plan

The "Healing Biotopes Plan" is a global peace strategy, which was developed over 35 years ago, in theory and practice, by Dr.Dieter Duhm, Sabine Lichtenfels and others with the goal of a global healing process on Earth – for a future without war. A few complex model centers could be enough to bring this process into motion. Tamera is one of these emerging centers. 
More: "The plan of the Healing Biotopes" by Monika Alleweldt


Building Communities of Trust

The tasks of the coming time can only be done on the basis of well-functioning human communities. In these communities, lies, deceit and betrayal cannot have "evolutionary advantage" anymore. Instead we need new social structures that enable a permanent coexistence in truth, love and trust. 
More: "Community as a Research Topic" by Dieter Duhm


Healing Love

The drama of the world is a drama of love. Humanity is suffering from lovesickness. At the heart of the Healing Biotopes Project, since the very beginning, is the work on the topics of sexuality, love and partnership. These issues cannot be solved on an individual level, but require the appropriate conditions. This is a social system in which the sexual relationship of a person to another creates no fear, no jealousy, no hatred in a third person, because it is rooted in total trust and transparency. 
More: "Free Sexuality and Partnership" by Dieter Duhm


Ethics of GRACE – Reconciliation Instead of Revenge

Since 2005, Tamera co-founder Sabine Lichtenfels has conducted various peace pilgrimages with several hundred participants, in places such as in Israel/Palestine, Colombia and Portugal. The outer political actions are connected to a certain inner attitude and ethic, for which they have the name: "GRACE." GRACE is the power of non-judgment, perception and reconciliation. Connected with it is the potential to open new doors of understanding and political energy. 
More: "What is GRACE?" by Sabine Lichtenfels



Art is such elementary dimension as is sexuality or religion. One cannot be attributed to the other, but they all belong together. Art is an area outside of personal problems; it is a basic dimension of human life and reconnects us with the creative universe. Healing is the rediscovery of the treasure of creation. 
More: "The Importance of Art" by Dieter Duhm


Building Autonomous Life Models

Self-sufficiency is an essential key to a humane future on Earth. We are working on comprehensive models for self-sufficiency – for the material basis of life in the areas of water, energy, and food as well as in the field of human co-existence. Self-sufficiency means taking all aspects of life back into decentralized collective responsibility. Therein lies the power to reject any claim to power from the outside.
More: "Autonomy" by Barbara Kovats


Healing Water

A new contact with water is the basic condition for any ecological healing work. Through decentralized and natural water use, we create the basis for the restoration and healing of our environment. Life can return. This lays a foundation for the system change from capitalist globalization towards a global society in which water, food and energy are freely available for all human beings. 
More: "Secret of Water as a Basis for a New Earth" by Bernd W. Müller



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