Listening to ancient Peace Knowledge

– Join us for a 10 day seminar with Sabine Lichtenfels and members of Tamera’s MarIsis team.

Can we live in cooperation with the Earth and all beings? Prehistoric cultures held a knowledge of peaceful co-existence and Sabine Lichtenfels has dedicated her life’s work in exploring and listening to this knowledge. Now we are researching how tracing those prehistoric elements and wisdom can support the creation of a cultural impulse for peace. What are relevant ways of connecting with the overall cosmic existence now? How can we access healing information from the cosmic realm? How can we use our body and voice to connect and listen to the land and to the body of the earth? What roles do sensuality, love and sexuality have in accessing this healing information?

To approach these issues and questions we wish to get in touch and deepen our contact with one of our most important spiritual power places – Tamera’s Stone Circle. Furthermore we will explore the emerging spiritual Landscape Temple that is taking shape on Tamera’s land, the meaning and being of an “Oracle” and much more. In this time we invite you to dive into our research findings about ancient peace knowledge and investigate and deepen the relevant aspects within it together.
We welcome people who are interested in this knowledge and investigation. We invite different generations to come together. By researching and building up a futuristic cultural model that is focused on creating peace, we would like to address questions like: How is knowledge that is focused on healing transferred from elders and knowledge carriers to young adults that face a planet in collapse? How can different generations collaborate in a way that research findings, knowledge and practices can be passed on and at the same time the young generation find their own voice and caretaking for our planet?

Program Details

We will be outside most of the time, exploring and being with the land and getting to know the spiritual Landscape Temple MarIsis with its various power places. For instance Tamera´s Stone Circle represents important archetypes for birthing a peaceful culture. We will learn to receive guidance from its inherent wisdom. We will also get to know cooperation partners from the plant and animal realms. The name MarIsis was received by Sabine Lichtenfels. She connects this name with ancient feminine peace wisdom, represented in figures like Maria or the goddess Isis from Egyptian mythology, incorporating an eternal cultural impulse for peace on this earth.
We also intend to sleep outside and experience the stone circle at night, have sharings about our dreams in Forums and celebrate the Council of All Beings, in which we will put ourselves artistically in the role of animals, plants, or elements to give them a public, political voice. We will sing and use our voice as a way to connect with ourselves and with all life around us and for sure there will also be time for volleyball and dancing. Throughout the course we intend to create various sub groups to explore and deepen on different questions and issues that are present within the course participants.

Additional Note

We recommend participating in one of our Introduction Courses, either online or onsite, prior to joining this course. We invite you to become familiar with the vision and life practice of Tamera beforehand in order to fully dive into the content of this course.


Sliding Scale from
€890 to €1450
(including seminar fee, board & accommodation)

Why are we using a sliding scale?

Please consider applying for or donating to our solidarity fund if you can’t pay the lower end of the sliding scale or want to support others.

Our invitation to Portuguese nationals.

Payment Policy

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Dormitories, own tent, or own van.
A room in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.


Vegan full board



Arrival and Departure

Please arrive the day before the course begins and depart the day after the course finishes.


Please note that it is not possible to bring children to this seminar.


Please note that it’s not possible to bring pets to this course.

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