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Newsletter, September 25th, 2017


Dear friends of Tamera,

We are writing you with a request for financial support. Our guest season is coming to an end.

While our public seminars continue until mid-October, we have begun a spiritual and mental harvest of these recent months – we look back at two powerful global love schools, several introductory weeks for new guests, two online courses, a community course and our highlight this year: the international meeting "Defend the Sacred" with a political art action on the beach of Odeceixe against the planned oil drilling and a joint manifesto resulting from this.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been working together with international experts to prepare two major projects which we plan to implement next year: "Blueprint 200", a model for a regenerative residential settlement for 200 people, which is to be used in refugee camps, eco-villages and newly emerging Healing Biotopes, and energy-autonomous Tamera, a comprehensive component system that will supply Tamera exclusively from its own renewable energy sources.

In order to realize the two projects, The Grace Foundation is hosting a fundraising event this month in California. Benjamin von Mendelssohn, Sabine Lichtenfels, Johannes Ewig, Christoph Ulbig, Janos Valder, Vera Kleinhammes and friends from the USA will be there to present our plans.

Why? We are becoming a real research and training center. In the coming year, we want to offer profound long-term education courses for global peaceworkers and leaders of future Healing Biotopes.

In order to prepare for this step in the necessary depth, we decided at the beginning of the year to offer fewer seminars this year and to focus on the founding of the "Akron School": a continuous internal intensive training for becoming facilitators and project leaders that has been running since April, carried out by our founders Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels.

Thus a financialbottleneck was almost inevitable –by the end of the season it will amount to about 250,000 euros. In order to continue our work forcefully and remain with this orientation, we ask all those who love the "Healing Biotopes Plan" to help.

A guest from Germany told us, "Tamera is an educational center for a kind of survival knowledge that's urgently needed in these times. As a school and research place, Tamera should actually receive public funding." There are still no funding bodies that would provide funding for such a radical project, but perhaps there is a growing circle of friends and supporters who would like to support our work.

You can help us by:

Over the last three years, we have repaid over €300,000, which was more than we borrowed, and have cleared all bank debts.This was possible thanks to a good budget. However, as we expect our restructuring to continue for the next year and the one after that, too, we are planning to take on new loans temporarily – this time, however, exclusively through friends of the project.

Please help Tamera to advance to its next level so that we can support and strengthen more and more peace forces around the world. For a healthy future, for our children and all generations to come after us!

We thank you for your help and your thoughts,
on behalf of the Tamera community

Sabine Lichtenfels and Roland Luder


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