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Invest in the Dog Sanctuary!

The situation of animals in general and dogs in particular is very difficult here in the Alentejo. They often don't have any social contact, are bound to heavy chains somewhere on the land and guard gates that cars can pass, but animals can't. They usually aren't protected from sun and rain and often enjoy only sporadic access to water and food. A female dog that we saved from a such a situation a few years ago showed us how she was able to survive it - by licking dew drops from the grass. This situation is a stunted remnant of a past age, when dogs were out in nature with humans and accompanied the shepherds with a lot of contact, communication and an important task. more

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New Property in Our Neighboring Village, Reliquías: Tamera Reaches out into the Region

As we still don't have building permits for our own land and, as it becomes more and more necessary for some of our subprojects to work in direct contact with the region, we decided at the beginning of this year to buy a property of 6.2 acres (2.5 hectares) in our neighboring village Reliquías, for 80,000 euros. Located close to the heart of the village in a fertile valley around a former oil mill, the land includes an old olive grove and a creek running through it. It was one of the last available properties in the village with nearly unrestrained building permission ("terreno urbano") with the potential for building on up to 10,000 square feet (9,000 square meters) of land there.

Defend the Sacred:

International Gathering in Tamera

We want to empower an emerging worldwide network of activists and pioneers working for global system change, by providing the space to calmly reflect, envision, exchange ideas, and concretely plan our next steps. What began at Standing Rock in 2016 must turn into a planetary movement in 2017. Help us fund international activists and leaders to come to Tamera and work together toward global system change. more

Farkha Volunteer Festival 2017

Invitation to the Summer Festival in the First Ecovillage in Palestine

We invite the forces of light and hope from the international community to take a stand for solidarity by joining forces with the community of Farcha in occupied Palestine. Farcha, who stand for creating a different model of life, became the first ecovillage in Palestine, joining the GEN movement last year. The community is hosting the 24th international summer festival  from 23 rd.–30th July in which local and international activists  will come together for one week of working on the solutions needed to create a sustainable regenerative lifestyle. The week is dedicated to improving the livelihood of the village. They invite the international community for an intimate insight into Palestinian culture. more

Join our new Online Course
Our online courses are an excellent way to study the ideas of “Healing Biotopes” and of the “Tamera vision”. The next course “The Healing Biotopes Plan” runs from June 19 until July 3. We accompany the course with a team of Tamera and are there for you for exchange and questions. We recommend to participate alone or with your study group! Common learning and studying helps with community building and is ideal before visiting Tamera.
More information and registration you find here. Contact us onlinecourse@tamera.org
Tamera joins the resistance against the planned off-shore drilling and fracking in Portugal:
ONE BILLION RISING 2017: Defend the Sacred at the Portuguese Coast


A Message of Solidarity from Tamera Peace Research Center to Standing Rock

In the name of humaneness, we express our gratitude to the courageous water and land protectors at Standing Rock. This camp of Sioux and many other First Nation people, accompanied by activists from across all camps is a true light of hope in a world that has lost any prospect for the future. They are not fighting against anyone; they are defending the sacred. They are protecting what needs to be protected for us to live. We call out to say thank you for your perseverance in spite of the brutal attacks; thank you for taking such a clear stand for life in this worldwide struggle between the powers of life and those of capital. Thank you as well to the spirits of the buffaloes and eagles for their visible support and presence. Through Tamera and the global Healing Biotopes Project, we seek to support this stance by all means. more

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End of the Guest Season 2016

Thank you for your interest in Tamera!  Our Season 2016 is over. We are using the winter as a time of reflection and planing the coming year. Part of this planing time will be creating the Event Calendar 2017, which will be published most probably by the end of January. During the winter months we won't be answering e-mails nor phone calls to the Guest Centre. If you are interested in visiting Tamera in 2017, please contact us after the end of January. The Event Calendar, once it's created, will be published on this page. If you like to stay informed, you may subscribe for our monthly newsletter. Please register under info (at) tamera.org. more

"Walking Water Portugal"

Envisioning a United Watershed

Walking Water is a movement and action platform to bring communities together around their local watersheds in order to learn from each other and build and support ongoing cooperative relationships within bioregions by listening to the challenges and ideas regarding water quality and supply. Walking Water Portugal recently gathered in Southern Portugal for its pilgrimage. more

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"Water is a human right"*

Walking Water Portugal

On Sunday, 2nd of October, at sunrise, 30 people from Tamera together with cooperation partners from the region started Walking Water Portugal: a walk in the name of water together with friends and cooperation partners in the local bioregion and beyond. All interested parties are invited.  more

Water Retention Landscape Training - Practical Seminar

Tamera / October 17th - 28th 2016

This two-week seminar offers a thorough grounding in the basic principles of Water Retention Landscape design, as well as practical training in its application. The seminar will cover such topics as:
The New Water Paradigm, inc. Natural Water Cycles; Water Retention Landscape design, inc. consideration of climate, soil, vegetation, watershed, etc.; Principles of rainwater harvesting; Technical construction details (e.g. dams, swales, terraces); Reforestation and the role of forests in Water Retention Landscapes; Victor Schauberger’s research, inc. water as a living being; Seeing the dream of the land. more

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High-precision Membrane Mirror Research in the SolarVillage Testfield of Tamera

August 2016

We are reaching an important milestone in the Testfield: the high-precision membrane mirror that we have been working on for the last two years, is standing. A team within the technology group has designed and built a prototype solar concentrator by innovating and developing the inflatable membrane mirror technology first introduced by father and son Hans and Jürgen Kleinwächter several decades ago. The present advances are the result of a dedicated team within Tamera working in cooperation with Jürgen Kleinwächter, SunOrbit (Germany) and supporters in India and Australia. more

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A Peace Pole in Tamera

On Sunday, 7th of August, one day after the Hiroshima Day, we erected a Peace Pole in Tamera, with "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in 6 languages. (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek)

There are 200.000f Peace Poles in 180 countries all over the world dedicated as monuments to peace. They serve as constant reminders for us to visualize and pray for world peace. The idea of Peace Poles was first thought up by Masahisa Goi in 1955 in Japan. 

More: www.peacepoleproject.org

Biogas Upgrade

Energy Autonomy in Tamera’s Solar Kitchen

The Solar Village Test Field is in the processes of upgrading its biogas system, making further steps towards real energy autonomy, regenerative ecology, and sustainable community. A biogas digester is a liquid composting system, which produces methane gas that we capture as an energy resource. Starting with organic waste from our kitchens and garden, we produce both abundant cooking gas and rich liquid fertilizer. If you haven't visited our autonomous Solar Kitchen, please do so for an in-depth introduction! more

Hope Container

A Planning Time in the Solar Testfield of Tamera

The Hope Container is an idea of the inventor Jürgen Kleinwächter. It is a planned energy-producing center for 50 people, equipped with a kitchen, greenhouse and garden, showers or bathroom and a place to eat and meet. The system will also produce drinking water and includes a cool room for food storage. As the name implies, the Hope Container can be built into one or more shipping containers for ease of transport, to crisis areas for example, or as a core component for regenerative settlements. The Hope Container is intended as a basis for architectural design that supports people to come together in learning and social exchange. more

ONLINE COURSE ’Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love’

From July 8th till August 25th, join us for SEVEN WEEKS of deep study time on how to end war — in the world and in love.

The course draws on Tamera's decades of research experience and will focus on lessons about community building, freeing love from fear, the Healing Biotopes Plan, healing water & healing love, and reuniting religion & Eros.

Know more and sign up at terranova.tamera.org


"Bringing Back the Rain"

Sixth International Water Symposium in Tamera, 2016

Tamera hosted its sixth Water Symposium in May 2016, gathering dedicated water practitioners from the local region as well as well-known activists from around the globe. This year it happened during the strategical meeting for creating a World Council for the Plan of the Healing Biotopes. The symposium aimed at strengthening mutual understanding and solidarity between three proponents of the so-called ‘new water paradigm’: Michal Kravcík, Slovakian hydrologist, Rajendra Singh, the ‘Waterman of India’, and Bernd Walter Müller, Tamera’s water specialist. Also present were members of Tamera’s ecology team, representatives of GEN (the Global Ecovillage Network) and of the regional network around Tamera. more

Mapping Local Initiatives towards Regional Autonomy

An outcome of a recent regional gathering in Tamera was the creation of an interactive map of more than 100 local initiatives such as communities, food producers, healers, social activists, etc. Each project collected their resources and needs mainly in term of food supply, and also their means to share with others such as machinery, trucks, kitchen, storage. This participatory process of mapping is meant to serve as specific 'yellow pages' to find producers and clients near by and thus strengthen the regional economy. On a longer term, this data shall serve the emergence of a center to exchange goods and services, for mutual education and support, food processing and cultural events. Link to the map:  more

The Great Plan and its Implementation

The Global Healing Biotopes Plan, by Dieter Duhm

Dear friends around the world,  I am writing this from Malta where I have come with Sabine Lichtenfels to write an Eros Manifesto, a foundation of our Love School. We are looking out to sea, near the African coast and near Lampedusa, in the middle of worldwide turmoil of unspeakable human suffering. The refugee situation is a tragedy of all humankind. Many of us have offered the help of our hearts and hands and have seen with our own eyes what is happening in, for example, Lesbos. It is clear to us that we need a new way of responding. We will only be able to bring about a permanent end to the plight of refugees if we are able to create fundamental changes in the societal conditions in both their home countries and in their destinations. If my understanding of the way this world works is correct, we can actually do this. Making the impossible possible requires, in this case, a profound change in our way of thinking. In this article I want to shed light on the logic of global healing. more

New Internet Presence for Tamera and Healing Biotopes Plan

Invitation for media specialists for collaboration

We invite specialists in IT, web development and design, SEO, social media, film-making and photography to Tamera for an intensive period of work and education in August, September and October 2016. Together we will create a new Internet presence for Tamera; a website which shows the complexity of the Global Healing Biotopes Plan and the different aspects needed for its implementation. The new website will be our basic platform for communication via social media, blogs, newsletters and links to other webpages and online magazines. This will be part of the work of a new professional, independent and globally-minded news and media agency that we want to establish in the next few years. To this end we are looking for media specialists who are interested in stepping into community and collaborating with us. Interested? more

Tamera Renovates its Guest and Cultural Center

When the first guests come to Tamera on April 15th, they will find that many things have changed. Since February, a large part of the community as well as neighbors and friends of our network have been working intensively to renovate the guest and cultural center.  more

Refugee Crisis

The EU-Turkey deal isn’t a solution – but there would be one instead

(By Leila Dregger and Martin Winiecki) On Monday, April 4th, the first 200 refugees were deported to Turkey. They were accused of having “illegally immigrated.” This is grotesque, what kind of law forbids people to survive? The refugees are people who have lost everything, who have literally walked for thousands of miles, crossed snowy mountain trails, hid in lorries, crossed the sea in tiny dinghies in cold and stormy weather. They survived circumstances that killed many others. Now they are detained and are waiting for their deportation to Turkey or even worse, their home countries. more

Blueprint Alliance Plans Model Refugee Camps

The Blueprint Initiative, an alliance formed to develop patterns for regenerative settlements, has agreed upon a project to design model refugee camps, Blueprint 200. During a meeting held at Healing Biotope 1, Tamera, from March 30 to April 3, 2016, the plan to design and build two demonstration sites was agreed upon. The sites will embody a whole-system approach to the building of regenerative settlements, and incorporate all aspects of the basic infrastructure needed by displaced people, such as water and sanitation, energy, road access, agriculture, and shelter. more

19th Anniversary of the Peace Community San José de Apartadó, COLOMBIA

Dear friends of the Peace Community San José de Apartadó, beloved sister community!

With deep respect, we send warmhearted greetings from the entire Tamera community to you. This day, 19 years ago, you taken an action of courage and resistance to found a Peace Community in a situation of a greatest injustice, persecution and misery. What you have achieved is more than a miracle – an expression of lived human dignity, solidarity, empathy and unbelievable perseverance, surrounding by a world disregarding these values in terrible ways.  more

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Spring Walk in Odemira

200 participants from 13 communities visited Tamera on Sunday 20th of March

In 20 years of existence of Tamera, we have never received such a big group from people of the Odemira municipality to visit. More than 200 representatives of 13 communities of the municipality of Odemira walked 5 km from Relíquias to Tamera where there were received by a song of the Tamera Choir. Among the visitors there were the vereador Ricardo Cardoso and his family and the vice major of Odemira, Hélder Guerreiro who said: “Tamera is a fantastic initiative in a fantastic municipality.” more

International Women´s Day 2016

For Women´s Power and for a Culture of Partnership

By Sabine Lichtenfels in the name of the women of Tamera:
We women want violence to disappear from the face of the earth. We want that peace enters into the relationships between peoples, to nature, and in love. All that is young should have a chance to grow and blossom freely. This is our political will.
We care about everything that lives. Everything with skin and fur, we care for and protect like a mother.
And yet, the Earth is in turmoil! Violence against the earth, against animals, and against human beings; violence against women: Global war is made possible by a closed heart.
It is now essentially up to us women, whether there will be war or peace in our countries. 
Continue reading here. more

One Billion Rising: Standing up against Violence

Tamera Event Calendar Online

Tamera continues to serve as an education center for all those who want to commit themselves to global peace work. Offers include love schools, thinking school, community courses, introduction weeks, practical collaboration in the gardens and more. Here's the overview of all events. more

Learning to Organize a Kitchen at Tamera’s Guest Center in 2016

Learn to Cook Vegan Meals for Large Groups

The center of every new cultural impulse is… the kitchen! Every culture of peace culture will autonomous and complicity-free food to the greatest extent possible as well as a kitchen in which people feel at ease and can share in the experience of community. For the 2016 guest season, we invite interested people to help in the Campus Kitchen and learn vegan cooking. Ina Voigt will facilitate this Tameran educational endeavor. more

The New Ring of Power:

Every Monday Morning for Sunrise Sabine Lichtenfels is Downloading a Peace Message

The spiritual-political peace network "Ring of Power", initiated by Tamera´s co-founder Sabine Lichtenfels, is being continued. For quite some time the community of Tamera has been experimenting with new forms of active meditation regarding the question: Can we cooperate with all beings? 

Some people from the Tamera community have committed to every Monday morning at sunrise sit at their power places and open for the topic: stop war - live peace.

For some weeks Sabine Lichtenfels has shared her downloads in the community and above that via internet for a circle of committed participants. We want to make it possible for more people to take part and are preparing an internet platform for this. If you are interested write to: contact(at)sabine-lichtenfels.com 

Here you can listen to one of the recordings:



Crowdfunding Campaign for Youth Journey Completed

"Dear global community, we want to thank all of you for the incredible support we experienced throughout the last three weeks. You all made it possible that our crowdfunding was so successful. 332 supporters donated more than 36.000 Euros. For one month from February 2016, we – a group of young people from Escola da Esperança and our teachers – will engage in a learning exchange with 2 inspiring projects situated in the Favelas of São Paulo: The Projeto Âncora and the Favela da Paz. The trip will start on Friday. We are very exited."  more


A new text by Tamera´s co-founder Dieter Duhm, following reports from our co-workers in Lesbos

The people were driven from their home countries by unspeakable suffering and it was unspeakable suffering which they encountered on their way into an allegedly better world. Even winter did not stop the wave of refugees. Carrying their children with nothing to eat, no blankets, no place to stay, no medical assistance, suddenly they faced barbed wire. Thousands arrived on the island of Lesbos almost frozen to death, having nearly drowned; some had lost their families on the way. Some boats had sunk. In recent years countless thousands drowned to death. Drowned to death! Nearly every day an awful drama takes place on board an overloaded boat shortly before it sinks. Boats filled with friends, parents with children, babies, some of them new-born. Imagine this, imagine! more


Helping Refugees

Several members of the Tamera community have been helping refugees - in Germany and on Lesbos in Greece. Some of their diaries and letters can be read on our blog Terranovavoice.tamera.org This recent and very moving diary was written by Dara Silverman: "Please keep these people in your hearts and prayers. Please pray for their safe arrival. Pray for a definite end to war on this beloved planet Earth. There is a switch that I have to turn off to not take it all in while I’m working here in Lesbos. If I would, I would fall to the ground with endless rivers of tears. But what is the switch we as humanity need to turn on? How can we access this switch?" more

Happy New Year to you from Tamera in Portugal


To begin, let us imagine taking distance from our current locations and our individual situations in order to gain a view of the global situation as if from outside of it.  We are called, time and again, to take this kind of perspective so that we can position ourselves wisely. We live in a world in transformation. At the turn of the year the temperature was above zero degrees at the North Pole; as warm as Germany or Southern California around the same time and 30 degrees celsius higher than usual. The catastrophic global effects of the weather system “El Niño” that were predicted for this winter are taking place in front of our eyes. 2015 was the warmest year on record and was full of environmental disasters. This is the outcry of the Earth, Nature’s feedback to our anti-life world order. At the beginning of 2016, around 23,000 animal and plant species are threatened with extinction; never have so many species been on this list. more

Order the book "Terra Nova" here