Open Letter to All Peaceworkers

Dieter Duhm, October 15 2017

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Dear friends,

I am writing this letter on the occasion of my 75th birthday. Although I am the co-founder of Tamera, Peace Research and Education Center in Portugal, I am writing not in my name nor in Tamera’s but in service for a far greater thought, which we call the global “Healing Biotopes Plan.” This is the thought that our world can be healed in a relatively short time if we bring it into coherence with the fundamental order of life of which all beings are part. This plan was developed after several decades of community experience and political work. During this time many unusual things happened, without which we would hardly have survived. We discovered that there is another reality behind the dark reality of our time. This reality is the foundation of all life: a world of unity, love and healing, which we called the “sacred matrix.” Would it be possible to base a new kind of human society on this level of reality?

I know that it sounds almost cynical today to speak of good news. I know the criminal methods of global capitalism. I know the unspeakable suffering of the people and animals who fall victim to this system every day. The fate of the refugees could break one’s heart. I know that there is an international trade in child pornography and young women. I know the cruelty towards animals worldwide.

But I also know the other reality: beyond human violence, there is another reality of humankind and another creation. If divine creation has several blueprints, at least one of them consists of love and joy. This is not an illusion but an experience, an objective perception. The world is directed towards unity, joy and love at its core. This is an objective and feasible utopia which is available everywhere. This message is contained within the structures of reality: a promise of joy and love not in the hereafter, but in the now. This is the real “gospel,” which arranges everything by itself as soon as we connect with it. The great message of people like Jesus, the message of charity and healing, is a message from the cosmic world. What we thought was the subjective proclamation of a single Messiah actually holds an ontology of the world. Forces of love and healing begin to work in us and around us as soon as we perceive them. The Healing Biotopes Plan is directed towards recognizing this message, accepting this gift and passing it on.

For us to be able to do this, new social, sexual, ecological and ethical structures have to be developed. We need concrete models for the healing of love, for the healing of water and for the healing of community. We call these models “Healing Biotopes.” Their foundation is the trust of the participants, because the sacred matrix is a reality of trust. In trust, the higher channels open. The existence of the sacred is purely objective. Only the dispositions of the souls of the people who receive or do not receive it are subjective. “Defend the Sacred!”

The sacred matrix is a universal pattern of information for the coexistence of all human beings and their fellow creatures; a structure in creation’s blueprint; an information system in the genetic code of the coming world. May the peaceworkers and liberation movements of our time come together in this structure and its global ethics! The human world will only find peace when its information systems are in accord with the information pattern of this higher order. We can recognize this informational pattern as we all carry it within ourselves.

This summer, we held an international gathering that brought together the Indigenous leaders of the Standing Rock movement with representatives of many other cultures and nations. It was a new interplay of social, political and spiritual work. The spiritual accompaniment was largely facilitated by Sabine Lichtenfels. Through her spiritual knowledge, interpersonal openings happened between the different cultures which otherwise could probably not have occurred. In order to develop a sound concept for a planetary peace movement, we also need a deeper connection between Indigenous knowledge and modern science (system theory, holography, morphogenetic field formation, etc.) This opens up new perspectives for effective work on the global core of mankind.

It is clear that such a comprehensive undertaking needs many more co-workers to make the human connection with the sacred matrix into an integral part of the noosphere. When this happens the information can be retrieved everywhere.

I am grateful that the many difficulties through which we all inevitably pass in order to develop a fundamentally humane way of life are understood and supported by many groups around the world. The worldwide transformation towards peace is a difficult process in which we must step-by-step peel away the layers of external and internal structures of the morphogenetic field of a world based on war. These must be overcome internally so that healing and joy can enter into real life. Many groups have failed because of social issues as they were not able to dissolve the war in their inner world. We have to learn to tell each other the truth, especially in the field of love and sexuality. We can understand what happens in the world when we understand what happens in a group. We have been working on this for the last 40 years.

All of us, humans and animals, are connected in an invisible field of healing. This field must now be activated by the new communities arising around the world. Every conflict can be solved and every illness healed, or heals by itself, when we connect with the healing powers of the sacred matrix. So-called miracle healings, by Bruno Groening and many others, provide ample evidence of the healing capabilities of these powers. The social, political and financial difficulties which arise can only be solved together: global violence demands global cooperation between peace movements. Groups from Africa, South America, the USA, Palestine and Israel, South Korea and China, Russia, Europe and many more who have been in Tamera in recent years, are part of a global movement that will prevail as soon as it has found its common goal. As soon as these thousands of groups, projects, media workers and donor recognize their shared intellectual and spiritual framework, a global counter-force will arise to replace the power of secret services and bombs with the power of the Great Spirit that is the same in all of us. We are working on a morphogenetic field for inner healing, to end sexual violence and – seriously – for the end of war. This world is not built for war but for unity and cooperation among all beings.

This summer we experienced a wave of solidarity which gave all of us a taste of a new planetary community with a common goal of a more humane world. The Indigenous representatives of Standing Rock who were present here gained new allies. And at the Atlantic coast of Portugal, near Odeceixe, 800 people formed a message of peace on the sand with their bodies.

I ask all of those who want to help: Understand the logic of the project. The Healing Biotopes Plan contains a new political methodology based on the principle of morphogenetic field formation. This is described in the section on the Political Theory in my book, “Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love.” There is core information here, and very real hope for our planet. One does not have to belong to a community to understand these thoughts. Spread our message in your networks! People need these thoughts. The Earth is screaming, and the solution is in clear sight.

With heartfelt gratitude to the many people who are already cooperating in the spirit of this global undertaking, and with equally heartfelt gratitude to all those who want to contribute politically, financially or in the media.

In solidarity with the many who are imprisoned for their courage.
In the name of help for the starving and persecuted.
In the name of love for all creatures.
For a free Earth!

Dieter Duhm, Tamera