Solar Electricity for Tamera

“In only thirty minutes, humanity receives more energy from the sun than it uses in a year. Solar Energy: one element of a politics of peace, which we can really achieve. There is no alternative to the sun." (Herrmann Scheer in the documentary film, “The New Creation,” Fechner Media)

In the future, energy production will be decentralized, and will work in cooperation with the existing energies of nature.

In 2011, with the help of loans and donations from our network, we were able to build a “Grid-Connected Island System.” For this we want to say a very warm Thank You to everyone, in the name of the whole Tamera Community!

Our 20 kW sun-tracking photovoltaic system provides Tamera with electricity directly during the day. Surplus is stored in two battery banks.

We are currently able to cover 80% of our electricity needs in summer, and 40% in winter (60% over the year). The rest comes from the national grid of the Portuguese electrical utility company, EDP. To achieve complete autonomy would require a very large and expensive energy storage system, because of the seasonal variations (summer/winter) and other fluctuations in output.


Invest together into Solar Energy!

For this reason, we have chosen the target of 80% energy production from renewable energy sources. Once we have achieved this goal (during the sun-rich seasons), then we can easily achieve 100% autonomy by adjusting our lifestyles and energy-use habits, for example in the case of a failure of the current national supply system.

The next step was to equip the roof of our workshop with a 12kW photovoltaic system. This means that the whole workshop—carpentry shop, metal shop, machine shop, and research department—are mostly solar-driven. Now we produce 60% of our average electricity use by solar power. We could make this a reality in fall 2014. 




Everybody who would like to support us with the next steps, please contact:

Martin Schindele - Tamera, Monte Cerro, 7630 Colos / Portugal – email:


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