Resisting the state from the inside and out: the Colombian Peace Community Model

The use of international norms coupled with the solidarity of international support has been a successful formula that has meant relative peace for the community for nearly 10 years. Both national and international level sister cities have had huge advantages for us. They’ve allowed us to really sustain ourselves as a community and they’ve given us support that we’re not alone and we think without these sister cities, it would have been much easier for the government, together with the paramilitaries, to wipe us out, to destroy us. (Interview, Peace Community Member, November 16, 2013) Thomas MacManus, 19 décembre 2014 more

Peace Community of San José de Apartadó

"Every human being has a right to learn, to acquire knowledge"

Since 2001 Tamera has been cooperating with the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó. This community of about 1500 people is dedicated to non-violent resistance against the oppression they suffer mainly from parties interested in exploiting their lands and being involved in the armed conflict of Colombia. Tamera also supports them to provide education and training in non-violent peace work for young people in order to avoid their migration to the cities.The peace community´s committment is such that they have been rewarded the Aachen Peace Prize of Germany in 2007 and were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year. more

What is the Peace Community of San José de Apartado?

The peace village San José de Apartadó lies in Urabá (Antioquia), Colombia, on the frontier to Panama. The land is fertile, agriculturally valuable (bananas, cacao, coca) and rich in mineral resources (oil, wood, carbon, gold, water), which makes this area attractive to global-economic interests. In 1997, 1300 farmers and refugees came together and formed a peace community to resist displacement through non-violent means. They do not tolerate weapons or violence in their village and they refuse to cooperate with any of the warring faction. Since the beginning, 200 members of their community (including children) have been murdered by soldiers, paramilitary troops and guerrillas. The peace village has become a role model for other peace initiatives in Colombia through its determination and courage to refuse to comply with violence. (in spanish only)

Global Campus in Colombia 2013


The Tamera peace worker group of 9 international peace workers will live in the hamlet Mulatos for 8 weeks, being in service for the community in order to connect more deeply with the original vision for Mulatos and for San José as a whole.  

The Global Campus has been invited by the Peace Community to accompany the community in their two main topics:

1. The Security Situation in the war zone where they live, with a peace pilgrimage and a permanent presence of internationals in the Peace Village Mulatos.

2. The Creation of a model of self-sufficiency in the Peace Village Mulatos, as the heart of the Peace Community: National Rural University and Deeper Education and Community Time in Mulatos with a Youth Peace Camp


The Global Campus team is composed with knowledge carriers in permaculture, water management, alternative construction, energy supply, medicinal plants, youth education, social communication, IT and finances management. In this frame, and with the local families and neighbor members in training, a human, material and expertise support will be offered for 5 weeks following the Peace Pilgrimage as a Deeper Education Time in support to the alternative building of the communitarian infrastructures, land design and community building especially with the Youth and the women.


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From a budget of 20.000€, we could raise 16.000€. Thank you all for your support!

Laure Luciani

Project Coordinator of the Project Colombia


Ending violence, creating models for Peace - 2010 Grace Pilgrimage - Español/English
5-minutes presentation of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó
Film Hope for Colombia 2011. Grace Pilgrimage 2010 in Bogota

Historic Partnership in close cooperation with Tamera

15 years of trust building and love connection

Tamera has accompanied in brotherhood the Community on their search for peace since 2001. The aim of this cooperation is to support the Peace Community in its struggle to survive and in its important role as model and educational center for peace and non-violence in the whole region and for the world.   

Several dozen of members of the Peace Community have participated in Global Campus events in Tamera and Colombia. It includes the 2009, 2010 and 2011 educational gatherings in Tamera, and the 2008 and 2010 Grace Pilgrimage in Bogotá and Mulatos. Members of Tamera have visited and collaborated in Colombia several times, and more intensively since 2005 (at least once a year). Through this contact to the global community the Peace Community kept on developing a vision for their process of resistance, learning realistic alternatives for self-sufficiency questions and co-created a basic trust between both communities. 

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