Terra Nova Voice

Terra Nova Voice stands for a positive future – without losing sight of the horrendous facts of the current world situation. We have the responsibility to look at what happens on Earth at this time, for solutions can only arise when we are connected to this level. Terra Nova Voice addresses various aspects of a new culture.

We publish contributions for a new women’s consciousness as well as love letters, brilliant technological inventions, basic ideas for a free up-bringing of children, experiences of communication with animals, basic knowledge about autonomous ways of living, and above all – a new way of thinking.We want to show a possible way out of the global crisis from a variety of directions. It is possible – our Earth can be healed.

Terra Nova Voice is the first product of the emerging literature workshop. The literature workshop is our vision for an alliance with international authors that are creative and committed through their sacred rage to choose to take a stand for life, for truth and for an existence worth living on this planet.

Terra Nova Voice is supported by the Institute for Global Peace Work, and more and more by its international network.

Terra Nova Voice is the "voice for a new Earth,"
until now in the form of an Internet blog


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