Peace Education in Tamera


The youth of the world need answers to their questions about a perspective for their lives and the lives of all beings on this planet.
Tamera’s Peace Education is aimed primarily at young people on this search.
We want to convey the knowledge that the global opposition to war, violence, oppression, and falsehood is connected to building a dream, the creation of a “Realistic Utopia” for the new society. This connection results in a new and powerful strategy of political resistance in the 21st century.

In Tamera, various lines of knowledge for the development of a new non-violent culture were pieced together, developed and translated into life. From this basis, a new form of teaching was created in which the youth of the world are no longer mislead with ready-made answers, but encouraged to ask their real questions. These are usually questions on topics like love, sexuality, friendship, compassion, God and freedom, which are not treated as private topics here, but perceived and studied as core global issues of life.

The Peace Education curriculum includes the core content for a system change in all walks of life – from a system of fear and violence towards a system that is based on trust and cooperation. The students have the opportunity to understand this system change mentally and spiritually, especially in the Thinking School seminars. They can then apply and develop these ideas in their life situations and in different parts of the world.

In addition, the Love School and Autonomy School provide concrete knowledge in social, environmental and technological fields.

For the continuation of the education in the world, the Terra Nova School offers a lively long-distance correspondence course on all basic issues of global peace work; it also encourages the development of local study groups and political cafés.  More information: Terra Nova School.

Moreover, the Global Campus supports the creation of peace models and education sites, especially in crisis areas. More information: Global Campus.

Tamera is not a school in the conventional sense, but an unfolding Healing Biotope. The theoretical content can be used, explored and applied in practice. The students who study the principles of a universal ethic for example, simultaneously move in a new social environment of truth and trust. The old contradiction between ideals and reality is overcome more and more and authentic faith can return to the heart.

Content of the courses include:

  1. The Spiritual Basis: The rediscovery of the universal way of being and the unity of all existence.
  2. The Social Basis: New social structures of the community including the knowledge of sexual humanism, free love and partnership.
  3. The Material Basis: Autonomy in water, food and energy – and the cooperation with all creatures.
  4. The Global Basis: Theory of global healing and integration into the planetary network of "Terra Nova."

As well as an offer to the public, the Peace Education is also for the co-workers of Tamera, who are in continuous intellectual, spiritual and human studies. The internal education season is traditionally in the winter.

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