Social Sustainability through Community

A model for the future needs not only new technology and a healthy ecology, but also people who are able to use these tools in a meaningful way. It needs people who have learned how to stay together even during conflicts, solving them in non-violent and creative ways and remaining committed to solidarity even in difficult times. Community knowledge is the foundation of social sustainability.

A community needs a stable core of people who can rely on each other. Living and working in Tamera means a commitment to ongoing study, intensive participation in community life and inner peace work.

Community means living truthfully with each other. It means mutual support and compassion. Community includes different generations living together; it includes communication about love between men and women, knowledge about conflict resolution and understanding of individuality and community. Such communities are the human basis for effective peace work.

Whether we succeed in creating a non-violent culture will also depend on whether we succeed in ending the war between the genders. Love without jealousy, sexuality without fear, lasting faithfulness even when one also loves and desires others, truth in love, lasting love and new ways of partnership are some of the key issues of community study and research in Tamera.

Not only humans form a community, but also animals and plants, our co-creatures. 'In cooperation with nature' is not a slogan but a true source of knowledge, friendship and a soulful quality of life. When we walk the path of cooperation with nature we will one day recognize that the word 'paradise' is no longer only a religious term but a life-task.

More about Community as a Research Topic
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