The Earth Needs New Information

“We must use all the available options which have been given to us to end global suffering.”
Dieter Duhm

Humankind’s dream of a world without war and violence must become more than a dream. According to psychoanalyst and project founder, Dr. Dieter Duhm and his team, the realization of this dream is a realistic undertaking. Based on their 30 years of research and experience in the development of projects which explore issues related to the future of humanity, they have developed what is called a “Political Theory.” This theory forms the basis for an extraordinary peace plan which has already been implemented in its basic form. This peace plan is now facing a new level of actualization which urgently needs global attention. The Earth’s crisis has become so blatant that it is absolutely vital that we spread the knowledge about freeing our planet from the grip of violence.

For most of us, the contention that peace can arise on this war-torn planet in the foreseeable future lies so far outside the realm of possibility that we would not even give it a second thought. However, just a few decades ago, almost nobody could have imagined wireless internet and the Hubble telescope in outer space. Today, serious work is being done on the colonization of Mars including plans for the transformation of the Martian atmosphere (terra-forming). Humankind could obviously use the same intelligence that leads to the conception of these types of technical achievements to work on the question of how fear and violence could be made to vanish from the Earth. It is only a question of our will and our focus. As a matter of fact, if we cannot find an answer to the problem of violence on Earth, we can only hope to find its fatal continuation on Mars.

New ideas release new potential for action. Grand theories are paving the way for great revolutions. We would like to thank all those who are willing to carefully study and understand this theory. When this type of new idea enters into the dialogue, we will have taken the first step toward ensuring that this peace plan is successful. This document contains the thoughts that led to the development of the Political Theory and the resulting peace plan.

Compassion for the World

The Political Theory was born from compassion. The power of the mind and that of the heart have become so coupled in this Political Theory that there is a clear vision of the potential for effective action and assistance. Compassion with what is happening in the world is a key to understanding the theory. At the same time, compassion is also a key to personal healing. The healing of the world coincides with individual healing.

In his book, “Future Without War,” Dieter Duhm writes, “In many regions of the world today, there is suffering which we can no longer perceive with any clarity. We are no longer able to react when we hear what people do to each other, what they do to children, what they are doing to all the peoples and what they do to animals. The atrocities are too harrowing to be let into the soul. We know that it happens on every continent, but we no longer react to it. It has taken on an abstract, formal dimension.”

A collective habit of separation and suppression has become widespread. We take refuge in our private existence and no longer seek a global solution. If this continues, the “Brave New World” would be definitively established, and the millions of beings that are tortured, mutilated, enslaved, imprisoned, starving and dying of thirst will have lost their last hope. If we do not want this, we need to preserve within ourselves the power and the ability to sympathize with the world, including the fate of both the victims and the perpetrators, without succumbing to fear or resignation. We need to open our hearts in order to be able to work toward a new future. We need to have a realistic perspective on how to end this global misery.

Accordingly, Neale Donald Walsch wrote in his book, “Conversations with God,” that from the day that we really become willing to end world hunger, there will be no more hunger in the world. “You have chosen not to do it.” It is our choice as to which issues we deal with on a daily basis. It is our choice which targets we aim for. At the moment in which we truly want to end war on Earth, we will find a way.

The Changing Times

We find ourselves in a period of transformation from a material age in which individual things or events are in the foreground, to an era in which all individual things and events are united by vibration, frequency and information. This union will be humanity’s new focus. It is not the atom, but rather information that is the building block of the material world. “In the beginning was the Word.” Human behavior, like probably everything else in the universe, is controlled by invisible energy and information fields. The Earth with its mountains and oceans, its flora and fauna, people and cultures, is a uniform, vibrating body of life. There is something that is the same in everything. We can study the flow of life everywhere, in streams or in the bark of a tree, in a shell, or in our own bodies. Everything has emerged from one creative impulse, which vibrates and resonates with great cosmic rhythms and pulses, which make our heart beat, organizes our thoughts and animates all life. It is a deep, calm vibration. Hence the mantra: from calmness comes power. Athletes experience it when they are in the “zone.” Those who are connected to this power can “move mountains.”

The unity of the world and the unity of all beings has been repeatedly experienced by religious mystics who have described it in a language of vibrant, ecstatic colors. Today, this unity is conveyed in the sober language of science, across many disciplines from quantum physics to holography. In a similar way, our body is a unified organism, made up of various organs and cells, coordinated by an invisible “headquarters.” Every second, billions of high-precision molecular interactions take place in our cells without us needing to be even slightly aware of it. It is worth pausing here and really taking note of this “miracle.”

It is the self-organizing principle of life, which we can see manifested here in our earthly, individual body. In the same way that our organs perform specialized roles in our body to create a functional whole, the human race has its special task in the blueprint of creation. In the long run, it is impossible for humanity to work against this plan.

Become a Cooperation Partner in Service of Life

Through the global chain of fear and violence, wars and genocides, and through the destruction of nature and its creatures, humankind has spread a hard and destructive interference frequency over the Earth, which isolates him to a certain degree from the self-organizing information field of life. The original, unified world is now severely disrupted and superimposed upon by this disturbing frequency. This allows our society to be controlled by systems that follow the principles of profit, domination and exploitation, even though they blatantly violate the logic of life and nature. The global problems of our time are the result of this collision between the man-made system of capitalism and the natural system of life.

In every moment, with every thought, word and action, we decide what information will be sent into the world and whether we stand on the side of fear and violence or on the side of healing and trust. The choice is ours. Peace Pilgrim said, “Speak, think and act in such a way that peace arises within you.” This is a new form of peace activism. In every moment we manage to turn the “switch” in the direction of trust, we create an escape route from global suffering. Everything is a continuum. Life needs all human cooperation partners who recognize this logic. “If life wins, there will be no losers” (Dieter Duhm).

All over the world, solutions to the problems of our time are being developed. There are solutions that would allow the world’s water crisis to be healed within a few years – all living beings could be supplied with ample drinking water. Heavily polluted water can also be cleaned. Wherever the water problem can be solved, a viable solution to the world hunger problem is in sight. There are also solutions through which local measures could prevent imminent climate collapse. In addition, there are solutions to the question of whether a global energy supply can be created purely by means of renewable resources, without the use of fossil fuels.

For the most part, these individual pieces of information work against the interests of capitalist globalization and are therefore structurally suppressed. The consciousness of the world, despite the multitude of solutions, continues to be characterized by scarcity thinking, futility and helplessness. We need to turn these individual pieces of information into one coherent system of information. They are like the pieces of a puzzle. If we put these pieces together correctly we can see the whole picture, the dream of humanity. If we succeed in making this visible in different places on the Earth, it will spark hope and spread as unstoppably as any idea whose time has come.

Until then, we need an alliance of intelligent people to spread a different frequency, a stream of care, a vibration of compassion and unity throughout the world and to teach people about this peace frequency and its corresponding content. They cannot fail to soften the dissonant frequency that currently prevails. Heart tones must be heard again, a recognizable perspective that could provide a new direction for our resistances and protests, for our power and love. The Earth needs new information.

For this we need, above all, beyond technical and financial support, beyond even political and spiritual protection, a global approach.

A Global Concept of Peace

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller

Dieter Duhm and his team developed the idea of realizing a future peace society by first developing a model. Just as in industry, prototypes are built before the product goes into production. In this context, the prototypes are special research centers, so-called Healing Biotopes. In these centers, corresponding individual solutions are implemented, linked with each other and further developed. In this way, a complex aggregate of information, the image of a global culture of peace, comes into being. The Political Theory explains why the presence of just a few Healing Biotopes on Earth could be enough to cause a global change from the previous system of violence to a new era of peace. Accordingly, this peace plan provides for the establishment of these centers. The first model of this type, the Peace Research Center Tamera in Portugal, was founded in 1995 by Dieter Duhm, Sabine Lichtenfels and others and now has approximately 170 co-workers. The work at Tamera has resulted in the emergence of an “Institute for Global Peacework,” a “Political Ashram,” a Water Retention Landscape, regional self-sufficiency, permaculture, a Solar Test Field, an animal sanctuary, a children’s republic, an open school, an international training platform (Global Campus and Terra Nova School), an arts and healing center, a Global Love School and more. Groups in Israel-Palestine, Colombia, Mexico and other countries are preparing to build similar models. The project is clearly on its way to realization, but there is still much to do. From “Future Without War,” come the following thoughts:

“What is decisive for the success of such peace projects is not how big and strong they are (compared to the existing apparatuses of violence), but how comprehensive and complex they are, how many elements of life they combine and unite in themselves in a positive way. In the field buildings of evolution it is not the “survival of the fittest” but the “success of the more comprehensive.” Otherwise, no new development would have been able to impose itself, for they all began as “small and inconspicuous.”

At the heart of this peace plan is new information, the image of a realistic alternative way of life. We would like to demonstrate the power of such an image with the example of a case that the Russian healer and physician, Arkady Petrov, tells of in his book “The Creation of the World – Part I” (We ask you not to get too caught up in whether or not you believe in this type of healing. Our chief concern is also not about the work of certain doctors or healers. The experience described should speak for itself.)

A Healing Experience

After a serious car accident, Denis A. is admitted to a hospital in Moscow. The doctors give him hardly any chance of survival. Arkady Petrov is consulted. He rushes to the intensive care unit with his two young assistants. The assistants, who are gifted with clairvoyance, put on blindfolds and look intuitively at the serious injuries.

Petrov writes, “Denis’ consciousness is almost completely extinguished. He does not want to bear the pain – he does not want to live – he does not know what he has to live for. For me and my assistants, this means that Denis must first remember the goal of his existence, his purpose, so that he will want to fight for his life. But how can this be done? The assistants see a luminous image in Denis’ consciousness – a small infant. They enlarge the image. Denis has recently had a daughter. His love for her could be the purpose of his life. They reinforce the hologram energetically. Denis’ brain impulses slowly begin to strengthen. Suddenly, Denis begins to cry, strange as it may seem for a man who is in a coma to be able to cry.”

An extraordinary healing process begins. The assistants accompany this healing process around the clock. After two weeks, Denis opens his eyes again. He is still unable to speak, but confirms with a squeeze of the hand that he is getting better. Some time later, his condition has improved so much that he is discharged from the hospital.

Activation of the Original Matrix

Denis’ healing was made possible by a picture in his soul, which made him want to fight for his life. It was a picture of his love. Through this picture, his will to live was awakened, and a potential capable of releasing great healing powers was activated. It was this information that made the choice between life and death.

We can transfer this process from the individual to humankind and assume that, here too, a guiding piece of information, or as indigenous peoples say, a “dream,” is at the center and could have a similar significance for the development of humankind and the Earth.

When Lynne Twist, from the United States, met representatives of the Achua, (one of the last uncontacted tribes of the Amazon at that time,) in the Ecuadorian rainforest, the natives pleaded with her, “If you want to help us, do not come to us. Go back to your world and change the dream of your culture. It is because of that, that we are perishing.” Lynne Twist returned and founded the Pachamama Alliance, an organization with which, to this day, she educates hundreds of thousands of people through global associations and demonstrates alternatives with the aim of changing the “dream” of capitalism.

Today even governments, such as the (indigenous) governments of Bolivia and Ecuador, are developing the concept of another dream. They call it “Buen Vivir” or “Vivir Bien” (Good Living). The concept invokes indigenous traditions and values. However, it so far exists only in written form. Therefore, globalization can further infiltrate in Bolivia. (We wish that Bolivia employs model thinking to support the development of “Vivir Bien” in a way that is applicable for everyday life).

Russian author Vladimir Megre longs for a simple, almost religious life in the countryside, which he so aptly illustrated in his “Anastasia” books. Millions of young Russians, having been inspired, left their jobs in the cities to move to the countryside. They have begun to establish the external conditions of life that correspond to the principles of “Anastasia.” Now, the first of them are faced with the question of how they can change their internal conditions in such a way that how they live together is determined by solidarity and commonality.

The Dutch sociologist, politician and futurist Fred Polak showed that a positive image of the future is the most important factor determining the rise and fall of civilizations (“The Image of the Future,” 1973).

The above are just a few examples of the power and importance of motivational imagery. In the present context, the key questions include: What might an image that inspires the whole of humanity look like? For which image would humanity struggle for its own survival and for the survival of the entire planet? For what goal would we leave all disputes behind in order to succeed with united vigor?

In the logic of the Political Theory, we can say that, first of all, such a picture can only replace the existing image if it does not simply negate the prior one, but is integrated at a higher level. Secondly, the new image must be internally consistent. Third, it must, at least in the initial stages, be put into practice in a tangible manner. It has to work. This realization must take place within the context of several exemplary pilot projects throughout the world so that the image can achieve global validity.

Imagine if there were this healing image that could be used to activate the “original matrix of humankind,” and in so doing, activate the collective healing potential of this matrix. From one day to the next, humankind would begin to work toward healing instead of toward destruction. People would agree, for example, to use the global military expenditure from now on for the restoration of the oceans, for the re-greening of the deserts, for the protection of all animals, for the development of modern subsistence economies, for energy from inexhaustible sources, for solar powered vehicles, for schools in which sympathy and love is taught (including sensual love), for a new religion free of punishment and purgatory, which encourages people to create paradise on Earth rather than placing it in the sky.

The Earth would be completely transformed within a very short time.

Knowledge is available, or could be further developed and elaborated on in each of the above areas in a short time. So why is it that we lack the faith to be able to actualize an ideal world? Modern man has complete faith in technology. Because of it, almost anything is possible. But when it comes to peace, to an agreement among people for a common goal, then we quickly reach our limit of the thinkable. Why has humankind not already found the healing information long ago?

The Collective Trauma

Dieter Duhm is a sociologist and psychoanalyst, and was one of the leaders of the German Left at the time of the ’68 student movement. His book, “Angst im Kapitalismus” [“Fear in Capitalism”] was published in 1972 and became a bestseller. He combined therein his psychoanalytical knowledge of internal human processes with the question of how an external global revolution could succeed. He described “collective trauma”: a deep-rooted fear in the subconscious of every human being, and beyond that, applied this individual interpretation to a historical context. Throughout the millennia-long history of violence, this fear pervades human consciousness like an invisible nervous system.

So that this trauma is not repeated, humans have developed a vast array of defense mechanisms that are activated every time we approach the point of fear. Our daily lives, our conversations, our political views and our love relationships are penetrated by this explosive and irrational defensive behavior. This irrational behavior shatters the most beautiful utopias. This unconscious trauma can transform a great love into a nerve-wracking, long-term war. The whole world is perishing today because of it.

One of the most fatal strategies is transferring our fear to a convenient external object rather than resolving it in ourselves. This is why we create images of enemies that can be fought. This provides short-term relief, but increases our anxiety immeasurably in the long run. Our projection of fear is why our environment, our fellow human beings and even our love partner can seem potentially threatening. The trauma controls us if we orient our entire lives toward an imaginary penal authority and adapt to social conditions we do not like, rather than realizing the dreams of our youth.

Fear comes from constriction and acts like an explosive residue which can erupt at any time as anger, hatred, jealousy, sadism and unconcealed violence. “War lives secretly within every peace,” the poet Hermann Hesse once said. It was this collective trauma that transformed brave fathers into concentration camp executioners overnight. It is collective trauma that makes us deeply corruptible. If this long-term unconscious fear, and the consequent latent propensity for violence, did not exist inside everyone, then a handful of rulers would never have been able to maneuver the whole of the Earth’s population toward its own demise. We now understand why we will always lose the fight against external imperialist power, as long as we do not also resolve the stronghold of this power which lives within us. This is how Dieter Duhm was able to say in the 60’s, “Revolution without emancipation is counter-revolution.”

The new information that is being sought lies behind the walls of this trauma. This is why it seems so elusive. This is why it cannot just be laid out on the drawing board, but requires places of healing where this trauma can be resolved by the first human examples.

New Information and the Building of Revolutionary Healing Centers

Karl Marx said that the social being determines the consciousness of men. In this regard, Dieter Duhm has remained a Marxist when he says that the resolution of trauma requires a new “social being.” He removes the concept of “healing” from the therapeutic context and places it at the center of a revolutionary movement. This sought-after healing community cannot come to fruition through appeals, laws, reforms or party platforms. The trauma cannot be healed through these types of measures. Moreover, the new paradigms should definitely be discovered and mutually agreed upon first.

The centers will be established by people who are ready for radical self-transformation and self-revelation. They will not be doing it only for themselves – that could never succeed at all. They will be doing it on behalf of all humankind. They will explore trust: the elixir out of which a new world emerges. Trust between men and women, adults and children, humans and nature, individual and community. Where this trust is restored, the seeds of crystallization for a new future emerge. All areas of life are included in this research and removed from the pattern of violence, from the external necessities of life such as water, food and energy to the inner sources of art, community, religion and Eros.

The new image cannot simply be arbitrarily conceived and imposed on humanity. Rather, it is a latent human dream which wants to be rediscovered here, so beautiful and primal that hardly anyone dares to believe in it. It is the dream of a world without war, in which the great reconciliation has taken place between all those who once stood against each other as enemies, a reconciliation between peoples and religions, between man and woman, between humans and nature.

To rekindle belief in this image, three source areas must be reconnected within people and within their culture: religion, nature and Eros. Our love for religion, our origins, the light and the world of the mind and spirit must be able to reconnect with our love of nature, with all its crawling, grunting and waddling creatures to its flowers, scents and fruits to its rivers and seas, valleys and mountains. Both religion and nature must be able to reconnect with our love for people, above all with our love for man and woman, for flesh, for pleasure, for delight, for matter.

Where these three areas (religion, nature and Eros) of our existence can come back into alignment, the human heart can heal – a heart which has for so long been torn asunder. A new humanity, matured through the painful experience of a long history of war, in which they were personally involved, can be resurrected, set upright by its rediscovered faith in itself, strengthened by its absolute and unconditional NO to any form of violence.

Now we have arrived at the source point from which a future without war may be developed. From now on, the world that has created us can shine a light on the world that we create, be reflected in our thoughts and actions, our gardens and fields, our culture and technology, our communities and love relationships. From now on, we are in resonance with a great power and elemental force. From now on, “we gather all the information that we need to develop our gifts for the benefit of all,” as Dhyani Ywahoo said. From now on, we are no longer under the spell of horror and war, but in the service of care for everything that has skin and fur.

In “Future Without War,” Dieter Duhm writes, “The main problem is not the question of whether the new centers can be globally effective, but whether we are in a position to create them. Precisely because they are a part of the whole, the burden of the whole depends on them. They can only succeed if they can arrive at the “universal common ground” that they share with the whole. That universal ground is the invulnerable basis of all human beings, their common source and dowry, their divine core. It shows itself in the capacity for truth, for love and for the recognition of a higher order of life. The new communities begin to have a global effect when they have found the dimension in the fabric of humanity in which all the Earth’s inhabitants are connected with each other and with all living creatures. This is the basis upon which the fragments of life that had been separated for so long merge and unite: man and woman, person and person, spirit and sexuality, Eros and Agape, humans and nature, humans and God. This demonstrates the indispensable spiritual dimension of future healing work. Healing is a return from exile, the lifting of the primal pain that persisted in separation.”

A Transmitting Station for Peace

In order to continue this work in a meaningful way, it must be made known to a wider public. “The Earth needs new information,” on this first and most obvious level, means that humankind must learn of this endeavor. Knowledge of how to build a new future must reach all the people who seek it. They must learn how they can eliminate their material and psychological distress and contribute to a world without war. Then, they will have found a direction that is worth surviving for.

There must be cooperation between those who establish Healing Biotopes, and those who continue to work in society and want to support and protect the centers from the outside. Thus, a new communication network has come into being. This includes potentially everyone, as logically there is no outward border. Everyone can participate in building this shared dream.

We are faced with the task of constructing a first “transmitting station for peace,” within the nascent Tamera Healing Biotope, in order to communicate the global peace plan around the world. This transmitting station includes various subdivisions.

We have launched our online education to provide study material for all those who wish to establish support bases for this dream in their countries. Tamera’s peace education offers a comprehensive and beautiful curriculum. It is composed of the following three areas of study: cooperation with nature, learning to love and new thinking.

The “Global Campus” takes on the task of providing further practical training, with the particular goal of guiding groups who want to build more research centers like this.

The media affairs department conveys the basic ideas and results in the form of video clips, short films and instructional videos. The department will also illustrate the desired future in emblems, text panels, posters, paintings and sculptures. Books and study texts on various topics are published by “Verlag Meiga.” “Writers for Peace” is a group of journalists who disseminate the new information through blogs, commentaries and articles.

In anticipation of the future.

You read an excerpt from the book, “Setting Foundations for a New Civilization,” edited by Martin Winiecki