We are steered by information, not just from the likes of TV, news and social media, but also that which we absorb in our upbringing, education and coexistence. Much of our dominant culture is based on unconscious beliefs that are internalized and reinforced by the mass media repeatedly every day. Yet the meaning of “information” runs much deeper. According to modern science, information – and not the atom – is the basic component of our world. Just as wars are waged through intentional (mis)information, we can end all wars by creating a new information system based on all beings’ interconnectedness.

We live in a radically changing world. As well as the breathtaking speed of innovative technology, the millennia-old system of patriarchy, imperialism and capitalism is unraveling before our eyes. Casting a spell of profound collective trauma on the entire planet, the last 5,000 years have seen domination, cruelty and exploitation that fundamentally contradict the basic principles of life on Earth. Climate chaos and the mass extinction of species, unprecedented social inequality, slavery and hunger, destabilization campaigns and global wars over currencies and resources, rising fascist movements and increasing refugee streams all indicate that the world as we know it is disintegrating. We urgently need a new information system to continue human life on Earth.

A New Global Vision

For the past 40 years, we’ve been working on the Healing Biotopes Plan as a global vision for how we can coexist and inhabit this planet nonviolently, regeneratively and in cooperation with all beings. Stepping out of the apocalyptic horror of a disintegrating system of ruling nation-states and global corporations, we see a new planetary culture based on decentralized, autonomous and interconnected communities.

As improbable as this seems, this is actually possible. We know that evolution doesn’t advance gradually, but in leaps. Living systems respond to non-functioning aspects with a period of turbulence before they shift into a more complex functioning way of organizing. We’re participating in this process and the clearer our vision, the more we can help birth the future we want. That’s why an essential aspect of our global peacework is anchoring the key information (i.e. memes) of the Healing Biotopes Plan in the consciousness of humanity.

Our Information System

According to modern science, information – and not the atom – is the basic component of our world. Scientists trying to find the smallest, most fundamental particle that atoms are made of see that there’s nothing material at all, just fields of vibrating energy organized by informational fields. Information is the undefinable spiritual agent that brings everything “in-formation.”

Information is what steers all our psychological and physiological processes too. We can study the power of information in our daily lives. For example, when a friend keeps you waiting for half an hour, you might get angry about it. If, when your friend arrives, they tell you they’ve just saved someone’s life, your anger immediately transforms into understanding and admiration. A single piece of information can change our entire organism from one second to another.

There are similar stories of terminally ill cancer patients accessing information about the dis-ease causing their sickness or a new goal that is worth living for, and experiencing spontaneous healing. This isn’t a miracle, but something feasible in a world steered by information. What’s true for the individual organism also applies to all of humanity. Healing Biotopes aim to develop an information system capable of activating our collective self-healing potential.

Information to Make War or Peace

Our dominant culture of violence and war is based on collective patterns of thinking, like:

  • humans are selfish, greedy and violent by nature
  • war belongs to life
  • jealously belongs to love
  • we need to exterminate our enemies
  • love always ends in disaster
  • God watches over and judges us.

Many people internalize these thought-forms so deeply that they’re not even aware of them, which is how they subconsciously steer all of humanity, generating the current catastrophes as a self-fulfilling prophecy. With every new war waged, mass media outlets reactivate the latent information system of violence and fear in people’s unconscious minds, so we believe the stories that we’re told about the enemies we’re supposed to hate. As a former NATO general said, “Nowadays, information determines more than weapons whether a war is won or lost.”

As our co-founder Dieter Duhm writes in “Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love,”

“The assignment of today’s peaceworkers is to develop ways of living in which the information of peace, solidarity, and cooperation is activated to the point at which these qualities become automatically expressed in our personal and political actions. If we were to succeed in entering such information fields into the biological and spiritual internet of humanity, we would create a fundamental change in life on our planet. Thinking along these lines, it is easily conceivable that a planetary society develops whose participants are no longer psychologically or physiologically predisposed to violent actions because they no longer receive impulses that steer them in this direction.”

While our research in the Healing Biotope focuses on identifying, developing and living the new information, our media and publishing work amplifies and communicates it to everyone looking for a credible prospect for the future. By nourishing and spreading this vision through all channels available, we help birth a new Earth, Terra Nova.