What is Terra Nova?

“Terra Nova” is a global peace project, which has been prepared in Germany and Portugal for some decades. For the time being, the project is based in Tamera, center for 'Concrete Utopia' in Southern Portugal.

Terra Nova is the vision of a new Earth. It contains the image of a post-patriarchal civilization free of violence and war.
For several decades we have been working on transferring this vision, step by step, into tangible reality. Tamera is such a station of manifestation, a center for 'Realistic Utopia' in Southern Potugal. By now there are various other groups around the world that work according to this image.

A movement slowly arises that orients itself along the following guidelines:

  • Realignment of the human world with the higher-order world of life and Creation

  • Non-violent cooperation with all co-creatures. No violence against animals

  • Healing of water through the development of “Water Retention Landscapes”

  • On this basis development of permaculture and self-sufficient food supply

  • Withdrawal from the oil industry. Development of autonomous energy systems

  • Establishing decentralized subsistence economies

  • Establishing functioning communities

  • Ethic of truth, mutual support and responsible participation

  • Ending of the war between the sexes and all sexual humiliation

  • Truth in love. No deceit in partnerships

  • No revenge. Grace instead of retribution

These are guidelines for a coming world society with its new universities and new settlements. With them a new planetary order will come into existence, in which all creatures of our planet will be connected with each other – because this order is in accordance with the world order, which we call the “Sacred Matrix”.


We have described the vision of global healing in the following ten meditation pictures:

1) Imagine that more and more people worldwide leave the metropoles and return to the countryside. They work in cooperation with nature to implement intelligent decentralized systems. They build water landscapes that refill the body of the earth with rainwater and raise the groundwater table. They live in self-sufficient communities, which are connected to each other through a brilliant network of human and technical communication. They cooperate with animals and nature spirits. They have recognized the laws of life ― they no longer comply with the laws of power, but with the principles of the Sacred Matrix. This is the universal language, understood by all human beings.

2) Imagine urban communities arise: Industrial areas, balconies and parking lots transform into alimentary biotopes, fruit groves and greenhouses; vegetable gardens and bee pastures are set up on rooftops. Creative cells for subsistence and ecological research emerge everywhere. You can see innovative solar installations and genius systems for bionic water circulation and aquaculture. In self-organization people have created social systems in which contact, truth and solidarity become possible again. The communitarian life is characterized by compassion, mutual support and transparency. There no longer exists criminality because a new home and new trust have come into being. Urbanity and rural life are no longer in contradiction; they have permeated each other into a living culture of cooperation.

3) A great joy goes through the ranks of humanity. They have discovered love anew. They have ended the secret war between the genders. Truth in love is the law that changes everything. The greatest gift of creation is the love between the genders. We bow before this miracle and with gratitude we accept the joy of sensual love. The happiness we experience here, we pass on to our fellow human beings and to all fellow creatures. Man and woman have long been seeking one another; now they have found each other. Together, they take the responsibility for this planet again. Lies and deceit have vanished from love relationships. They have overcome jealousy because no longer is anything taken away from anyone else. In the embrace of lovers we feel the embrace of a healed world. Thank you and Amen.

4) Imagine more and more people around the world have understood the system of peace. They understood that jealousy does not belong to love and war does not belong to life. That peace is not just a word, but the joyful revolution of their entire form of life. That all the old enmities were based on false projections. That there is a switch inside ourselves, with which we can flip from war to peace, from distrust to trust, from fear to opening. Imagine they build their new centers, their gardens and research sites, their libraries and schools, their Healing Biotopes and model universities with full enthusiasm. They are all connected in the evolutionary stream of a new planetary community. For a new Earth, for Terra Nova. Shalom and Salaam.

5) Imagine water springs start flowing everywhere again. Rivers again follow their natural course. Human beings have learned to cooperate with water. They have brought the big water cycle into order. There are no weather catastrophes anymore – no destructive floods, no permanent droughts or forest fires.

Vegetation has also returned to dry regions; shady, cool forests have spread. Fertile gardens and bio-diverse landscapes are set up around residential areas. Nobody has to flee to other countries anymore to survive. All beings can supply themselves with fresh drinking water and healthy food everywhere. Thoughts of scarcity have completely vanished. Human beings have begun to use inexhaustible energy sources. They have understood that they live in everlasting abundance if they follow the laws of nature and not the laws of capital.

6) Imagine animals, even wild animals, are our friends.
We assist them on their way through life. Human being and animal are partners in the common evolution of life. Animals seek contact with the human beings, and they encounter us in unreserved friendliness because the path of trust is paved. We redeem them from the long drama, which we human beings have inflicted upon them through our ignorance and cruelty. They need life and freedom as much as we do. All beings originate from a world of safety and trust. All have the right to develop in this trust throughout their entire lives. The new civilization emerges from the sacred alliance with all fellow creatures. Only then will the work of creation be complete – the work we do under the name "Terra Nova."

7) Imagine people are living everywhere in communities again. They no longer build fences, because their lives are based on complete trust. Among them there is neither lying nor deceit, neither fear nor violence. "Judge Not" became their absolute commandment. They criticize each other, but they have understood that nobody has the right to condemn anyone. In their coexistence they follow three ethical guidelines of truth, mutual support and responsible participation in the whole. Many live in partnerships and families, which are embedded in the community. They consciously work for ending war between the genders, for the rediscovery of love and for a protected growth of children. These communities are the cornerstones for a new civilization on Earth.

8) Imagine human beings are fulfilled with great joy and gratitude.
They live in contact with creation and in deep perception of all that lives. They have found the sacredness of life anew. They recognize the miracle of plants, rivers and stars. They have rediscovered the mystery of the world and the pure joy of life, Ananda. Their focus is no longer limited to themselves, but they care for this wonderful creation with all its beings. They have become one with the great family of life. In reunification with life they have created sculptures and built places to worship and praise the infinite universe. No trace of a punishing God; no judgment and no damnation darken their lives anymore, for they have arrived in the eternity of love.

9) Imagine young soldiers, men and women refuse to go to war because they have discovered a power that is greater than all violence. They lay down their arms and refuse to be enemies. They communicate about a new system of life and start building it. The worldwide movement for a new Earth has made it possible to step out of the systems of violence. Governments and decision-makers in politics and economy are joining the movement. The war in Syria is definitely over. Nobody prepares for war anymore, for the system of peace prevailed. Weapons production is stopped. The many military bases have transformed into stations for peace research. The funds that were once invested into tanks are now invested in the construction of peace villages. The peoples of the Earth reach out to one another to protect all life on our planet.

10) Imagine there is no more war on Earth; life has won. The old pattern of fear and violence no longer exists. It is completely replaced by the pattern of trust, solidarity and love. Worldwide people build their new centers, their self-sufficient communities and peace villages. We live in an immeasurable stream of love, compassion and connectedness. We unite in gratitude that this dream has come true.

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