Global Love School

We’re running “Global Love School” where we invite a committed circle of cooperation partners – peace workers and leaders from around the world – to learn how to deal with questions of love and sexuality, both in their personal and public lives. Started by Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn in 2012, it’s become an important basis for developing and deepening our network for the Healing Biotopes Plan. Starting in 2024, it will consist of 2 parts: a more intimate alumni circle of long-term partners and an open 10-day course for new participants.

Program Details

The Global Love School (GLS) is a platform for a growing planetary community. It’s designed as an annual gathering of 7 to 10 days where participants can share their core issues in the areas of love and sexuality, work together to bring about healing in these topics and develop a common ethical commitment for personal and public conduct.  Especially for leaders, it’s often hard to continue making progress on their own most intimate issues and to get truthful feedback from others.

In the opening talk of the GLS 2012, Sabine Lichtenfels said, “Love and sexuality are political issues. There’s an emergency call on Earth to end the war in love. Those participating in the GLS agree that one reason for the violence and unresolved issues of our civilization lies in misdirected, blocked and suppressed love and sexuality. In the GLS, we’re looking for answers that go beyond the personal, answers that are global in their implications.”

Since then, GLS developed a committed circle of regular participants.

As of 2024, we’ll offer an annual 10-day course for new participants to join. We invite cooperation partners, (prospective) community founders, thought-leaders, peace workers & activists, healing and coaching professionals working with the issues of sexuality and love who are ready to commit for 3 consecutive courses.

After this, you’ll be considered to join the more intimate alumni circle of close long-term partners.