Building community as a key to peace work

Learn by experience how we build a community based on cooperation and trust, as a pathway to a peaceful future made up of decentralized, autonomous bioregions.



Our intensive community building course is one of our most popular courses, based on the Healing Biotopes Plan – a plan for bringing about global peace at the heart of our work. You will study and experience how a group based on truth, transparency and trust can develop, and how working with the more-than-human world is essential to the whole community of life. You will leave with an embodied sense of what the shift from a private to a communitarian way of life means.

We’ll bring awareness to the underlying, often hidden patterns of fear and mistrust that usually undermine community. We’ll offer you ways to creatively engage with these patterns through artistic expression and as a research, as we develop awareness of how they’re usually not just the personal issues of the people involved but expressions of larger collective dynamics that we can make sense of and understand to navigate.

Together we’ll learn how connecting and transforming fear, mistrust and jealousy into truth, trust and research can provide an acupuncture point for peace. We’ll explore the political relevance of such inner transformation work. We’ll study, live and work in a way that you’ll have the chance to experience a kind of trust you might not yet believe is possible.

This transformative program is not for the faint hearted! Be ready to let go of old habits and see yourself as the training ground of the transformation you want to see in the world. Leave with insight into how you can collaborate in building a global field for a new peaceful culture.

Who is the course for?

  • Prospective community founders
  • Groups wanting to build community together or already living in community
  • Peace workers
  • Community researchers
  • People living in communities that want to gain new skills and perspectives.

What you’ll learn

  • Community as a tool for peace: How building community is a political response to growing global crises – offering a fresh prospect for how we can inhabit the planet
  • Our  Healing Biotopes Plan: how acupuncture points of peace can catalyze system change and a regenerative peace culture
  • The basic ethics of community: how  the power of truth and trust are key for lasting nonviolence
  • How to free love and sexuality: from fear, mistrust and suppression, moving to a culture of cooperation and solidarity
  • The sacred matrix: how the logic and pattern of the sacred matrix is a unifying healing power of life
  • Community beyond humans: cooperation with all beings, the more-than-human world, the Stone Circle and its spiritual possibilities
  • Inner peace as the foundation to outer peace: the interdependence between the inner and outer, and how important it is to regain inner autonomy for outer autonomy

This is an emerging Healing Biotope where we work to reconnect and restore the wholeness of life. Courses are focused on topics, but all of our research exists in an interconnected web, so your learning will likely expand on other areas.

As a learner, you can join our morning offers, which can include things like Yoga and Qi Gong. You’ll also be able to join in whole community events, like our Sunday matinee, the Ring of Power and Political Cafes.


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Research area: Community building

Type of learning: Learn skills

Location: In Tamera

Language: English


Sliding scale from €2210 to €3560 (including seminar fee, board & accommodation).

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Why are we using a sliding scale?

Our invitation to Portuguese nationals.

Payment Policy

Once you have filled out the registration form, we will send you an email with instructions on how to pay.

Please note that in order to confirm your registration, you must pay a non-refundable registration fee of €150.


Shared dormitories/group tents, own tent, own van, or Guest House (depending on availability).


Vegan full board.

Arrival and Departure

Please arrive the day before the program begins and depart the day after the program finishes.


We regret that children cannot be accommodated in this course.


We regret that pets cannot be accommodated in this course.


“This community course has saved me several years of therapy!”
– Laura.

“Having been in the Community Course, I discovered places within myself I haven’t even known before. I got to know myself in a totally new way. This was magic. Thanks.”
– Hannah

“Definitely not a walk in the park… just a meaningful way to come face to face with myself by meeting others engaged in an effort to make it all work out. Having to find my way through the whole process was worth every minute!”
– LN