We focus on new ideas about art and its origin. Art as a specific action reconnects people with creation, as a preliminary draft for a dreamed life, for a new way of being among people, as a medium of liberation or of celebration and expressing gratitude. Art, as we use it, serves the connection of the human being with their source. The desire for design, for expression and a fulfilling life finds surprising and original ways in art.

We give artistic creation a frame and a continuous place in the form of art courses, community art days, and through our steady work. Art is an essential factor in the birth of a model for a new cultural.
Over the years, countless works of art have emerged: paintings, drawings, designs, texts, poems, sculptures, plays and more – a kind of record of artistic development in a Healing Biotope.

"The creative treasure of humanity can now be brought to the surface. The artists of this Earth create the images for a future without war. It is our work to find this hologram and model, to realize our common goal under the spiritual roof of our work."
                       Lukas Mauermann, artists from Tamera

Art Courses

There is a special sense of humor and a happiness that arises if a group of people make art together. When "it" happens, this is a healing experience for all involved. What happens there and why is it?

There is only one instruction in the courses: you engage with the world and not with your personal problems. Ten days of something that is not subordinated by any purposes and duties, including no remorse, while the joy, the humor, and the enthusiasm can be found in "senseless" work.

As this is the way creation creates.

Here are some quotes from the artists during “Die Wäscheleine - Dokumentation über einen Kunstkurs (The Clothesline - A documentation of an Art- Course),” an art book the course. The course took place under the guidance of Dieter Duhm in a scrapyard in La Graciosa in the Canary Islands. The quotes should reflect the tone and spirit of the art course:

Almut Gröger: “I'm afraid that I might be a banal human being. I need the mystery cloak to escape the reputation of the banal.”

Otto Muehl: “Those who make art is obviously sick. But those that make no art are even sicker.”

Pablo Picasso: “God is nothing other than an artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. In fact, he has no style at all. He is always trying new things.”

Helle Rainer: “If you're at the end, you have to go over the threshold.”

Henri Matisse: “Creation: this is the real purpose of art.”

Sabine Lichtenfels: “Paint a meaningless piece with all fervor. The meaning comes from doing. You thereby rediscover the structure of finding meaning in the universe.”

Paul Gisler: “It is important to find an aphrodisiac relationship to the scrap.”


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