Music - The Moon Riders and the Tamera Choir

In music, the soul force of healing effect. Music awakens our identity.

Tamera Choir

Under the direction of Robert Gasse, the Tamera Choir sings a variety of hymns and songs such as Canto General, the great work of Latin American awakening, written by Pablo Neruda and composed by Mikis Theodorakis, or Kosi Sikelele - God Bless Africa the South African national anthem.

Moon Riders

In addition to the large choir, there is the Moon Riders, an acappella band founded over 10 years ago. The Moon Riders connect community power with sounds of devotion, humor and creativity. In part, they compose their own pieces, while also taking songs from all over the world and giving them new lyrics that reflect the joy of a new culture. As co-workers of the peace research center Tamera, the Moon Riders see their music as a contribution to the creation of "Terra Nova": the vision of a new Earth that we want to call through music.
What we still lack is an arranger and song writer that is able to implement the content of the project in word and sound.
Their CD is called "Level Eden." Enjoy listening!

The Moonriders - Live your Dream!

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