Tamera Arts

TameraArts is the brand name for our new direction in art. In the strict sense, we use this name for our work with brushes, paint and palate.

Online exhibitions will follow.

“It was as if the sky had silently kissed the Earth, that they in the glimmer in bloom
Would now dream of him.”
                Joseph von Eichendorf

“Do not comment on reality, but awaken it.
A kiss on the neck and a whisper in the ear.
Create reality against doctrine and dogma..."
                    Dieter Duhm, “Das Buch Sidari” (The Sidari Book)

Future Plans
There are plans to build an art gallery, an exhibition space for the in-depth examination of the themes of art. It will contain attached studios, a café, a sculpture garden and a workshop for the various painting, sculpture and production workspaces.

Book Notes:

“Man’s Holy Grail is Woman.” Madjana Geusen & Dieter Duhm, Verlag Meiga.

 “Art and Community”
Documents a 4-week art time with the Tamera community in May 2012,
Madjana Geusen & Beate Möller, limited edition.

“Das Buch Sidari.” (The Sidari Book)
Beate Möller, ed. & Dieter Duhm, limited edition.

Die Wäscheleine. Dokumentation über einen Kunstkurs.”
(The Clothesline - A documentation of an Art- Course)
Madjana Geusen & Beate Möller, limitid edition.

The limited editions can be ordered through Madjana Geusen at tamera arts.




Order the book "Terra Nova" here