Testfield I - Solar Village

Technology for a local energy supply

"You can never change things
by fighting the existing reality.
To change something build a new model
that makes the existing obsolete.”
R. Buckminster Fuller


“Energy autonomy,” is the most important, overarching theme of the arriving Solar Age. The use of regionally-produced energy, from sustainable resources, makes possible not only a liberation from outside control… it makes it possible to create autonomous, networked structures, assembled from the growing subsistence systems, even in the most economically-impoverished and rich-in-sunlight regions on earth.
The fundamental thought behind the “Solar Power Village“ was born out of compassion, for the conditions in which the poorest people live, who are forced to burn the last remaining wood to be able to cook, and who have no prospects for a rich life, with simple technical possibilities. A real possible solution is made visible here, which is relevant for all areas of life.
Tamera created a “test field” for this idea, the Testfield 1. This is where Jürgen Kleinwächter’s inventions are tested and integrated into daily life, along with complementary elements like Scheffler mirrors and biogas digesters.
The main sources of mechanical power here are low-temperature Stirling motors. The Stirling motor, invented in 1815, is an engine that turns temperature difference into mechanical energy. The Stirling motor is thus an example of the transformation of a form of energy that is difficult to use (thermal energy) into the more easily-applied mechanical energy. The fundamental principle upon which this machine operates is not disintegration and breakdown, but creation and assembly.
When one considers how it functions, one notices that the Stirling motor does not derive energy from explosive expansion processes. It is not an explosion-machine, but a breathing or pulsating device.
It is thanks to father and son Kleinwächter that the Stirling principle has been applied to a temperature-range in which the sun’s energy is useable. The hot side of the motor is warmed by the sun, and thus this machine is the seed of a possible energy source for human settlement, which is independent and truly autonomous.
This modular system unites key, essential elements of a humane energy source for a new culture. 

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