The new “Big South Lake” comes alive

With every walk to the South Valley of Tamera, we are moved by the vastness and beauty of this new space, fresh and blossoming with life. In gentle curves, the dam, the large new terraces and slopes are nestling into the land. They form and surround the new retention space, which is now gradually filling with water. The first seedlings are germinating, and they cover the whole with a downy green mantle.


Older residents from the neighbourhood see how this land is suddenly blossoming with new vitality; it is as they remember it from their childhoods. Here, the possibility of healing a landscape is visible and tangible... the healing of a landscape that is otherwise degrading, is at risk of turning into a desert. 

For us, this large water retention space is a successful element in the growing water landscape – not only because of its great natural beauty, but also for practical reasons: Because of the new lake’s elevation, in the future we will be able to irrigate practically all the agricultural fields in Tamera, without additional energy costs for water pumps.



The three months' construction period in summer was also the time for a multi-faceted educational program, on the subject of landscape healing, both for future lake-building engineers, and for international participants of the Global Campus, who received extensive ecological knowledge.



We deeply thank all the forces that helped and supported these successes!


Silke Paulick and Lilian von Wussow

for the Ecology Team of Tamera



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