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The "South-Sea” is full

Looking for sponsors for the finalizing of the Tamera Water Landscape

Last autumn, one more retention space was built in the southern valley of Tamera - the South Valley Lake or “South Sea”. Abundant winter rainfall had already filled the lake by the beginning of January. Its shores are designed in the form of terraces with rather large agricultural areas for vegetable and fruit production. We have been able to harvest vegetables there throughout all of this past winter. Above the South Sea valley, a swamp zone basin was built. The basin is surrounded by an alluvial forest which serves as a living space for animals and as a water plant nursery.


Presently, we are planting a large number of trees, mainly fruit trees in mixed cultures, into the embankments. Many of the trees are being moved from the valley garden to their new location, as we are planning to redesign the valley garden as another water retention area during 2011. This is just one of five new retention areas planned for this year.


Your contribution can help to manifest the water landscape of Tamera, which is looking for investors.


The growing permaculture water landscape is meant to become a model for landscape healing, a step against desertification and towards regional self-sufficiency.

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