Testfield Site


We hereby present the Testfield, as well as our professional workshop.

The Technology Team happily welcomes inspired collaboration, in professional, technical, skilled labour, and research areas. It is a part of our vision, that a circle of researchers and craftspeople come together here, and come to an understanding of what a future energy system based on cooperation could look like. (See article about the new workshop)


Living with the technology is an essential component of the research; it is in this way that the technology is further developed, refined, and adapted to life. The lives of the participants will also change, as they learn by using the new energy systems, and as they research and deepen their coexistence with these systems.
The foundation of this research is the coexistence of human beings in community—in this way the ethical basis is laid for the humane use of energy.


Pictures of the Testfield 1 and the workshop


The solar technologies, as invented and developed by Jürgen Kleinwächter and his team, form the centerpiece of the system; the modules will be described in more detail here on the homepage. The system is complemented by so-called “Low-Tech” modules such as the Scheffler Mirror, the Biogas digester, solar ovens, the SK-14 (parabolic solar cooker), and the Tunnel-Dryer.


Through cooperation, through understanding of the concrete projects, through living with the technology, and through being with people from crisis areas; the participants experience what it might look like, to live with renewable technology. They experience what it can mean in terms of pride and inner alignment, to be part of a “Movement for a Free Earth.” They also experience the necessity to study and practice how peace-compatible structures are built—Including in life together with human beings—and how they can function sustainably.
Peace requires specialized competence!


The nearby workshop serves:


  • for the maintenance of the Testfield,

  • as a place for research, and for refinement and development of technology,

  • as a workplace for trainees and students from various universities and

  • as a training center for participants of the Global Campus.


Beyond this, the workshop is a space for maintenance and repair work, serves as headquarters for construction projects, and is a space for the fabrication of useful objects, furniture, etc. It is the central building for the upkeep and care of the infrastructure as a whole.


The current workshop building has an interior surface area of 240 m². It is being renovated with simple materials. The flooring has been restored, new windows and doors built in, currently positioned to let more light enter. The roofed exterior area was built with a wooden framework, which expanded the useable area to 320m². The gabled end wall was cleaned and painted. The “Handworker Cosmogram,” which is also carved into a stone in Tamera’s Stone Circle, was hung in place on the gable. The storage areas have been restructured, new shelves and work surfaces have been built, and the surround area has been cleaned up. The entire workshop has been completed to the point that it is ready for use (floors, electricity, windows, lighting, water).
This phase of the workshop expansion will provide 10 places for students and trainees, four of which in particular will be for education and research in sustainable technology, and operations in the Test Field.
The meeting spaces of the Test Field (the Villa Verde, pavilions, and shade roofs) make it possible to offer training and seminars.
Due to our collaborations with universities, it is both necessary and desirable to provide spaces for student research.


We would like to acquire simple or used instruments (tools, machines, and measurement equipment), since the trainees often return to areas where newer machines are not available. We want to use instruments whose normal operators can themselves be responsible for maintenance and repair.


We are looking for support for special projects; and for the acquisition of materials and the different machines.



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