Healing Work and Medical Care in Tamera


“Trust is the medicine of the body.”

                                                            Dieter Duhm

A medicine according to life is released from the matrix of fear, defense and protection and relies more and more on the insights of holistic connections. Disease is a consequence of blocked life energies. Healing work means creating living conditions in which these energies can flow again.

This healing goes beyond the treatment of individuals and is essentially creating a healing environment where everyone and everything – people, animals, plants, the earth – is healthy.

35 years of community research and experience has shown how much presence or absence of trust among people determines whether they are sick or healthy. This trust is not an individual achievement. It is a cultural asset – the result of a healing environment.

The most traumatic blockages in human history have been in the realm of thought, religion (spirituality) and in love and sexuality. The more we can dissolve the blockages in these areas, the greater the healing powers are that can enter.

The healing work of Tamera results in a continuous cooperation between those knowledgeable about healing with the spiritual-intellectual center of Tamera, i.e. with the Love School, the Thinking School, the Political Ashram and the Art School. Here the work is most intensively focused on new interpersonal and spiritual choices, which allow for the resolution of traumatic injury and aid in developing lasting trust and understanding. Trust among people, faith in a divine world and in guidance, connection with nature and our fellow creatures, but also joy, vitality, spirit, and perspective for life are all keywords for a new concept of healing.

Read more at: Healing Work in a Healing Biotope - Interview with Dr. med. Amélie Weimar, published in the Community Magazine.

Centro de Saude (Portuguese: Health Center)

In the current "Posto de Saúde," medical practice, we doctors and health practitioners are already collaborating with the thoughts mentioned.  Whenever possible we do this with the orientation of how the healing powers of life can be strengthened in the individual, a group, or throughout the community. A large Centro de Saude is planned, in which far more healers from various specialization fields can practice across disciplines and parallel using the basic healing thoughts of Tamera. People from the region can then find holistic support here.

Co-workers in the field of medicine and healing:

Dr. med. Amelie Weimar – doctor and coordinator
Lee von dem Bussche – naturopath, homeopath, gestalt therapist
Ulrike Krampen – nurse, homeopath, trainer for nonviolent communication
Karin Schlote and Uta Schneeweiß – midwives
and other volunteers in physical therapy




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