The Horses

Coming to a Trustful and Healing Contact between Horse and Human Being

Horses are very powerful animals that gladly go into service for the human being. We want to regain the ability to go responsibly in service for all living creature. For this we can use horses as our teachers.


In our four-day-long horse courses we learn from and with the horses how to get into our power and beauty.

Horses are herd-animals and, because of this, ready to follow the one in whom they trust. The human being can acquire this positive authority. Not by braking the will of the horse with violence, but by studying evermore precisely his or her own being and the being of the horse and becoming ready to follow truthfully and respectfully what he discovers there. Horses help on this path, by confronting the human without prejudice and unreservedly, mirroring immediately and neutrally his or her behavior. From this the human can grow in a very special way.

The inner growth that we experience while being with the horses, we can than transfer to the contact with any other being, including human beings.

In the horse-courses knowledge about body language, intuition, inner concentration and leadership is imparted by experienced teachers and our horses.

It is about gaining consciousness for the political situation of animals worldwide and about getting an insight into what we can do to make a positive change.

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