Tamera applies for the change of the land use

A Model Settlement and an Orientation for Regenerative Urban Planning

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Flooding, forest fires, desertification, the loss of biodiversity all over the world, the social abandonment of people and co-creatures and the devastating consequences for billions – starvation, war, streams of refugees, uprooted human beings, corrupt social structures: all this is a direct consequence of mistaken human social and ecological conduct. We cannot correct this misconduct from within the context of globalized systems for economic growth. As long as human beings remain part of this system, they destroy nature and thus, ultimately, also themselves. 


Healthy ways of settling on planet Earth do exist. Indigenous cultures all over the globe have proven that living in harmony – or mutual benefit – with the surrounding world and its manifold beings is possible.

Human beings can become gardeners and guardians of mother nature again. We can help to restore disturbed ecosystems. We can mitigate and even prevent nature catastrophes and their threatening effects if we build decentralized, sustainable, networked model settlements. 

This means villages which integrate residential housing, nature protection and food cultivation, reflecting a concept where people's livelihoods, reforestation, water bodies and food producing biotopes form coherent entities from where regional economic networks grow.

In their core stands a novel architecture which combines ancient knowledge with findings and insights of contemporary research in all areas of planning, ecology, social science, and practical community experience in a way that the resulting settlements support manageable, transparent social structures to emerge and make trust building and shared responsibility possible (or inevitable).

uture planning workshops with diverse expertise have come up with similar settlement concepts. Lately, such architecture has been discussed with regard to Rojava in Kurdistan or decentralized micro-socialism in Colombia, for example. Eco-village construction aims in the same desirable direction.
So far, no legal base or orientation for urban planning for regenerative settlements (with Wales seeming to be the only exception) has been created.

The Healing Biotopes Plan is a global plan for the development of networked regional autonomy of water, food and energy. A Healing Biotope is an intentional community that creates a regenerative kind of settlement and novel social structures that support each other as well as the growth of trust and cooperation amongst all participants. Human life is (re-)integrated into the processes and cycles of nature, which in turn generates manifold symbioses and synergies. In a Healing Biotope, the human being is not “a parasite of nature,” much to the contrary, here, human living systems need and increase healthy organic variety.

In Tamera, in the South of Portugal, we are building the first Healing Biotope. Associated training facilities for the dissemination of our experience in community building and other relevant areas pave the path for manifesting further Healing Biotopes wherever wanted and needed.

Together with specialists on decentralized energy systems, organic construction, natural water treatment and food production Tamera has been working in the frame of the “Blueprint-Alliance” on the ecological master plan for a regenerative model settlement. With our experience in holistic water management, we already offer solutions for regions where water scarcity, desertification and forest fires lead to serious social and ecological upheavals, for example for Israel-Palestine, California and North Africa. The “Blueprint-Alliance” is currently planning a model for a regenerative settlement in Tamera (Blueprint 200) to gain globally applicable knowledge in many areas.

In Portugal, like in almost all other countries, towns, villages and farms etc. are the only legal forms of settling.

Therefore, we are now approaching the next phase of manifestation, which needs a legal base.
We want and need to trigger a change and have therefore established a national and regional alliance and a close cooperation with a professional team of architects and urban planners and the local authorities. Together, we are going to develop a masterplan which will make the vision of the Healing Biotope an approvable project.

This pioneer work will offer invaluable practical knowledge and orientation for urban planners and lawmakers who want to plan, authorize and manifest regenerative settlements, villages and towns all over the world. The first phase that Tamera will propose in close cooperation with the county management of Odemira, the change of the floor use plan (called the Plan for Intervention in Rural Areas, or PIER) is going to start this fall.

Over the last 3 years we have invested around 50,000 euros in the preparatory phase. The imminent works for this year require another 50,000 euros. 70,000 will have to be invested in the coming year 2018 and the same amount in 2019. Therefore the estimated project costs until 2019 are: 190,000 euros

We invite your participation and support,
in the name of the Healing Biotope Tamera

Sabine Lichtenfels - Co-Founder of Tamera 

Christoph Ulbig - Coordinator of “PIER”



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