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Listening to the Voice of the Earth

Join us for a seminar with Susanne Fischer-Rizzi and Sabine Lichtenfels, including an introduction to Tamera and integration time.

Can we live in cooperation with the Earth?
Early European history provides us with many examples of peaceful cultures that hint toward how people lived in harmony with nature and creation. What enabled them to do so? We want to connect with the knowledge that was held by these cultures.

Program Details

In ancient European traditions and in the understanding of our ancestors’ world, the Earth was seen as a living being. Gaiamantie teaches us to understand its language, to study its laws, to live in harmony with the environment and oneself. In this seminar we’ll learn this ancient and precious knowledge through getting to know the landscape temple “MarIsis” in Tamera. We’ll learn how we can apply this knowledge today. This seminar will introduce the basic principles, philosophy and experience of Gaiamantie in European landscapes, and the applied practice of cooperation with nature in Tamera. This knowledge enables us to “read the landscape” and helps us find and listen to power places within these landscapes. The spiritual dimension of this work will be revealed both in theory and practice.

You’ll explore:

  • the world of mountains, minerals, plants and all beings
  • the basics of Gaiamantie and the meaning of power places
  • Tamera’s Stone Circle
  • the meaning of a landscape temple
  • how to be a servant of the Earth and to move in the energy fields of a landscape
  • the role of an oracle
  • the origins of our Neolithic European ancestors
  • and much more.

How to join

The prerequisite to join the seminar is that you have a basic understanding of Tamera’s vision and have been on our land before.
If you’ve not visited us before, we ask you to participate in our 2 introduction days right before the seminar. We’d like to give you an insight into the basic ideas of the Healing Biotopes Plan and walk through our beautiful landscape with you. We’ll also provide information about the different sub-projects of Tamera. We’re looking forward to diving into our emerging cultural impulse for a nonviolent Earth with you.
You’ll be charged Tamera’s daily fee for room and board (€30/night) if joining these introduction days.
If you want to know more about Tamera, we recommend one of our online courses.

Invitation for 2 Integration Days

We invite all those interested to spend 2 additional days together after the course ends.
These days are intended as a held integration time to reflect on experiences, say goodbye to the landscape, record personal steps that arose during the seminar and deepen the decision for your own Earth guardianship.

As with the introductory days before the start of the course, the cost of these days is Tamera’s daily fee for room and board (€30/night). We warmly invite you to consider appreciating our work with a donation of your choice.

This course is fully booked

Intro Days: March 30 – 31;

Integration Days: April 7 – 8


Having a basic understanding of Tamera’s vision and having been in Tamera before. If this doesn’t apply to you, please join the introduction days.

We ask everybody who wants to come to Tamera to join a webinar about our guidelines relating to Corona. You can sign up for one of our webinars in the registration page. If you have questions or concerns about this please don’t book a flight before attending.


Sliding Scale from
€500 to €880
(including seminar fee, board & accommodation)

Why are we using a sliding scale?

Please consider applying for or donating to our solidarity fund if you can’t pay the lower end of the sliding scale or want to support others.

Our invitation to Portuguese nationals.


A room in the Guest House or a place in the visitor’s hut can be booked at an additional cost.


Vegan full board


German and English (with translation in both directions)
Susanne Fischer-Rizzi and Sabine Lichtenfels will hold some of their teachings in German.

Arrival and Departure

Please arrive the day before the course begins and depart the day after the course finishes.


Please note that it’s not possible to bring children to this course.

The Team

This course is fully booked