Love School – Ancient Peace Knowledge

Join Sabine Lichtenfels and her team in a course for German speakers, to learn about healing in sexuality and love by tapping into primordial wisdom.



In this love school, you’ll explore healing in sexuality and love through community-building and especially connection to a spiritual source more primordial and deeper than patriarchy.

The patriarchal suppression of both sexuality’s untamable wild powers and love’s soft qualities has left a deep collective wound that often haunts us when trying to form a relationship or build community. To approach possible pathways towards healing, we will explore a vision for a healthy, intact culture. As we’ve found that the healing from fear of loss which we often seek through assurances from our partners actually lies in restoring our lost bond with Life.

Prior to the dawn of patriarchy, ancient tribal societies lived in peaceful symbiosis with each other and Earth for thousands of years prior. We can still recall the memory of this time, as it continues to live in our DNA and in the land. We’ll connect with this primordial wisdom to root ourselves in a deep relationship with the Earth, the cosmos and all life.

We’ll also look at how we can shift to a culture capable of reintegrating our animal nature. How can we embrace the untamable erotic life energies without fear and shame and support each other on this path, exploring a state of such deep acceptance that violence becomes unimaginable?

Through ceremony, exercises and silence in nature, we’ll establish a spiritual foundation within ourselves that’s able to attract the powers and knowledge necessary for healing in love and sexuality.

You’ll experience our social technologies like Forum, rituals and other formats for community-building and creating trust among people.

Who is the course for?

  • Groups wanting to build community together
  • Thought leaders
  • Spiritual practitioners
  • Peace workers
  • Community researchers
  • People who want to combine deep inner peace work in the area of love and sexuality with outer peace work

What you’ll learn

  • The political dimension of addressing love and sexuality
  • The healing power of transparency, truth and trust in a group
  • Connecting with the primordial memory of pre-patriarchal peace cultures
  • Accessing the inner guidance in connection with Earth and elements

“This is an emerging Healing Biotope where we work to reconnect and restore the wholeness of life. Courses are focused on topics, but all of our research exists in an interconnected web, so your learning will likely expand on other areas.

As a learner, you can join our morning offers, which can include things like Yoga and Qi Gong. You’ll also be able to join in whole community events, like our Sunday matinee, the Ring of Power and Political Cafes.”

Course content

  • Regular presentations and Q&A sessions with Sabine Lichtenfels and other community carriers
  • Study hours
  • Regular Forum (in different formats)
  • Spiritual work
  • Artistic ceremonies
  • Times for contemplation in the stone circle and the Tamera landscape
  • Envisioning exercises
  • Using music and voice as a connection to self and others
  • Body work


Research area: Healing of Love

Type of learning: Learn skills

Location: In Tamera

Language: German


Participation in either an Introduction week or any other on-site program in Tamera.

We recommend reading our literature, such as And They Knew Each Other.


Please send your application by July 20 by filling this form. You’ll hear back from us by July 31. Please book your travels only after getting confirmation from us.


Sliding scale from €890 to €1450 (including seminar fee, board & accommodation).

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Why are we using a sliding scale?

Payment Policy

Once you have filled out the registration form, we will send you an email with instructions on how to pay.

Please note that in order to confirm your registration, you must pay a non-refundable registration fee of €150.


Shared dormitories/group tents, Guest House, own tent, or own van.


Vegan full board.

Arrival and Departure

Please arrive the day before the program begins and depart the day after the program finishes.


We regret that children cannot be accommodated in this course.


We regret that pets cannot be accommodated in this course.