The Gardens of Tamera

The profession of the farmer gains a new importance in a new culture which is directed towards healing and not towards exploitation:

Farmers become professionals in cooperating with nature and its creatures. They are the guardians of earth and heal its life powers. They intervene in the processes of growth, steering and supporting, so that top soil is being built while growing food (instead of being exhausted). Instead of mono-cultures a biotope of abundance emerges which serves the health of the whole ecosystem and thereby the health of the people.

They no longer work alone, but join in teams, are part of a community and of a lively culture.

In Tamera we pursue the goal of 80% regional food autonomy. Every year more and more of the vegetables and fruits that are consumed by the community are grown in our own gardens, on the terraces and at the shores of the water retention spaces, which also provide us with the water to irrigate during the summer.

Three teams work in Tamera on the cultivation of food, using different methods under different circumstances:

  1. Field cultivation in the South Valley

  2. Permaculture design in the Testfield 1

  3. Terrace cultivation, inspired by Sepp Holzers' permaculture


They develop practical knowledge: How to grow food on a soil which has been infertile before? This knowledge shall help future communities to grow independent from the criminal acts of the food industry and the politics of globalization. With this knowledge, we hope to support the people in the Alentejo and many other parts of the world to survive in dignity.

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